2/11/17 – Couples WOD

So, February is coming up, and it will soon be Valentine’s Day again. Do you:
a) Fill up your Netflix queue with movies and your freezer with ice cream
b) Scramble for reservations at Eleven Madison Park
c) Organize a night out on the town with your friends, roommates, coworkers, exes, parents, ANYONE
d) Do nothing because you’re single
e) Do nothing because you’re in a long term relationship and it’s just a made up holiday anyway

If none of those sound appealing, then have we got the event for you! In honor of Valentine’s Day this year, instead of a Singles WOD, we’re going to host a Couples WOD! We are defining a couple as YOU + one other person (that’s it). It can be:

You + your best friend
You + the person that’s not too bad at CrossFit and you wouldn’t mind having them on your team
You + your significant other
You + the person you would love as your significant other

So, come on by, get sweaty with a friend and have some fun. After the event, we will all convene at a local drinking establishment for some good old fashioned adult beverages and talk about how we just saved ourselves $600 by not eating at Eleven Madison Park.

What: Couples WOD
When: Saturday February 11 @ 5:00pm
Where: CrossFit NYC Flatiron (28th st)

In order to register, please email team details (your name/email address and the other person’s name/email address) to avery@crossfitnyc.com. A no-show fee will be applied to all cancellations made within 48 hours of the event.

p.s. If you really want to be part of this (and you should) but you have nobody to work out with, send us an email and we’ll put you on our list and try to match you with someone if we can (no guarantees though)!