Schedule Update for January 2017

crossfit box jump girl

We will be making a few changes to the schedule for the New Year, with the goal of maximizing our members ability to:

  1. Follow a logical and well-balanced programming sequence of either Beginner (first year or two of CrossFit) or Experienced programming.
  2. Balance good programming that is necessarily no more than five sequenced workouts per week with the reality that our members schedules are seven days per week.

With these objectives in mind:

  • Beginner and Experienced WOD’s will now run on Sunday-Monday (same WOD), Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
  • Friday will remain strictly All Levels WOD’s, intended to be part of the Beginner, Experienced, and Competition weekly programming.
  • Wednesday, will be only supplemental classes (CFE, Olympic Lifting, Active Recovery, and a new Functional Strength Class).
  • We will refer to Wednesday as “Specialty” Day and to all other days as “CrossFit” Days.

Our recommendations to all our members:

  • If you wish to follow a strict Beginner or Experienced CrossFit program, attend three to five CrossFit days per week.
  • If you wish to add a Specialty Class to your mix, attend an additional two to four CrossFit Days (three to five days total).
  • Stick to the same type of CrossFit Days, either Beginner/All Levels or Experienced/All Levels.
  • If you are taking both Beginner and Experienced WOD’s you’re doing it wrong.
  • If you are taking more than five classes per week, you are doing it wrong (because you’re working at 50% to 70% intensity for six or more classes, when you should be working at 80% to 90% intensity for three to five classes per week with adequate rest in between your workouts).

To make it easier to find a routine that allows you to follow our guidelines, to the greatest extent possible, we will have the same instructors teaching the same classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.


  • Abdo Allam

    I would really like to stick to the experienced track, but the last class is at 7pm and most days I don’t finish work this early. I am forced to go to the begginer because you have 3 classes available after 7.
    I would really like to see a late experienced class 🙂 pleaaase 🙂

  • L John Andrews

    There are currently no ewods on the upper west side between 2 and 5:30. Are there any plans to offer an ewod around 4/4:30 when the gym is only utilized by one bwod class?

  • Jonathan Bauman

    A 4/4:30 e-WOD on the UWS is an excellent idea! There seem to be many people on the UWS who would utilize this time slot

  • AndyK

    Anyway to get Thursday posted a little earlier? Knowing the Thursday workout often helps determine which specialty class to go to on Wednesday, if at all.