Functional Strength: New Specialty Class for 2017!

Starting next Wednesday, January 4th, we’ll be offering a new specialty class at our Flatiron Location: Functional Strength.


Functional Strength programming will focus on getting you as strong as possible. This class is designed for any member who wants to learn new movements and work on attacking their weaknesses through strength specific programming and Strongman style accessory work.

Functional Strength will be a Wednesday specialty class, similar to our popular CrossFit Endurance or OlyWOD classes. All levels of CrossFit experience (Beginner, Experienced, Competition) are welcome to attend this supplemental class. We recommend replacing one of your weekly workouts with this class, instead of doubling up with another specialty WOD.


Programming will focus on basic lifting principles for gaining strength (power lifting movements) and Strongman technique. A variety of strength skills and concepts will be taught as you learn how to move new implements (i.e. kettlebells, sandbags, farmer’s handles, axle bars, sled drags), which will challenge your will to work hard. There will be no conditioning in this class by design.

The Functional Strength classes and programming will be led by Coach Mead (AM class) and Coach Erica (PM class). Both have extensive experience with strength training and certified in CrossFit, Strongman, and Olympic Weightlifting. Coach Erica has a B.S. in Exercise Science from Central Connecticut State University and spent four years strength training as a D-1 athlete. Coach Mead is a nationally ranked Strongman competitor (ranked top 5 in the light weight division for United States Strongman, and top ten for middle weight division with Strongman Corporation) and one of the original teammates for City Strongman, a well-established competitive lifting team located in Long Island City.


If you have any questions about the new class, please contact Coach Mead ( or Coach Erica ( by email or in person at the gym.