September 2016 Member of the Month


September 2016 Member of the Month

Introduced by member Chelsea Reagan

As a founder and COO of her own energy-based software company, Lauren Salz is used to attacking any obstacle that stands in her way. She is a fiercely independent forward-thinker with admirable drive, passion, and courage, all of which make her a perfect choice for September’s Member of the Month.

Beyond her career, Lauren’s determination can be seen in all aspects of her life. When Lauren is faced with a challenge at the gym, whether it’s mastering her first strict pull-up or setting a new personal record on an Olympic lift, she gets after it. Failure isn’t a word Lauren is familiar with – there are just things she’s working on. If you’ve gotten to know her, you know from experience that her hard work always gets her there.

As an active member of both Black Box Barbell classes and a regular ewod-er, Lauren is an exemplary member of the CrossfitNYC community and our commitment to constantly varied challenges. Next time you’re faced with a tough WOD, buddy up with Lauren. I guarantee you’ll PR.