July 2016 Member of the Month


July 2016 Member of the Month
Introduced by Elaina Gemelas 

She personifies determination and her drive is unstoppable. Renée Jordan negates any preconceived notions on her small but mighty frame.

If someone foolishly underestimates her abilities, like when doctors didn’t think she’d make a full recovery from a brain injury caused by a car accident, she squashes their limits and overcomes obstacles — all with a fierce determination. Post-injury she graduated from college (or as Canadians like her say, university), applied, got accepted, and graduated with a master’s degree from Columbia University (NBD), and became gainfully employed, winning the U.S. Visa lottery out of tens of thousands of NYC applicants (now that could’ve been pure luck).

A social butterfly, Renée’s favorite part of CrossFit is community. With minimal effort, she just happens to PR, advance a goat, or beat her husband Jay, a fellow CFNYCer, in WODs without even breaking a sweat. But none of that motivates her. Her motivation for making it to the gym is rooted in the friendships made and sense of community it has enriched her life with since moving across countries and coasts to live in NYC.

For her joyful presence, contagious zeal, and uncanny resemblance to Hermione Granger, we honor Renée as July’s Member of the Month!