May 2016 Member of the Month


May 2016 Member of the Month
Introduced by Craig Bagno

Reis Baron. The Man with Two Last Names. Keeper and Protector of the Blog. Inspiration for the eponymous Reis’s Pieces WOD. Noted Body Chemistry Theorist. BTWB Whisperer. Owner of a 400# Back Squat. Primal Roar Advocate. Garage CrossFitter. OG CrossFitter. Badass CrossFitter.

And, of course, May Member of the Month.

Reis is a beast who could overhead squat every member of the gym. And then go rep out some 225# deadlifts just for fun. But the reason he’s Member of the Month is that he’s the sweetest guy going. Go on up to him and say hi. He’ll say hi back.


  • Abraham

    I wholeheartedly approve of this Member of the Month. Reis is such an unbelievably nice guy…I remember he was one of the first people to say hi to me, and probably one of the first to welcome me back when I returned from my hiatus as well. Not to mention he attacks EVERYTHING with gusto, even the stuff he hates/says he sucks at. Something I’ve tried to emulate. Very, very well-deserved!

  • Brian P

    Great choice for MoM! His reputation spreads far and wide even to the UWS

  • Paola Arinci

    Congratulation Reis!!! So nice to finally, almost, actually meet you!

  • I remember reading this post way back in the day: I had just doing my first elements with Sully at 26th st and Reis’ frank discussion of his struggles with his son’s health really struck a chord with me. It was the first moment that I realized that this was something a little more important that just working out. I don’t know Reis personally, but I do think about that interview kind of regularly.

  • Hari Singh

    Congratulations, Reis! Thank you for all you do for us and all you have done for us.

  • Jennifer Pade

    Not long after I finished Elements I was googling Crossfit videos and came across this: I found it incredibly inspiring, especially because Crossfit felt so intimidating when I first started. The next time I saw Reis at the box I introduced myself and told him how I was inspired by his story. We chatted and he couldn’t have been nicer. Seeing how hard he works in the gym and how friendly he is to everyone really represents what is so great about Crossfit & the CF community. Great choice for MoM!

  • Lân

    Well deserved recognition. True asset to the Crossfit NYC community. Hope our paths cross one of these days.

  • Glenn McMahon

    Reis Baron is CrossFit. Great choice of MOM

    • Glenn McMahon

      Nice cameo by Volpe BTW

  • vikkikatz

    The best of the best- I miss morning workouts with him!

  • Jason W

    congrats, Reis! Well deserved!

  • Where’s McArdle?

    Congrats, Reis!!

  • teddy g

    Couldn’t condone this piece any more as there’s nobody that exudes heartfelt care more than Reis. The guy has been a lovable teddy bear since we connected on 26th street five years ago with Madeline, Wayne, Aaron, etc and Sara barking out orders at us at 7am. He’s the real deal with a wealth of knowledge on CF, nutrition, and his never ending battle to always push himself. And his family….its paramount to him and he’s the type of father we all wanted. Thanks Reis for making the journey as much fun as you have. You’ve been an inspiration to all around you. TMG

  • reisbaron

    I’m truly humbled by everyone’s comments, both on and off the blog. I appreciate the love everyone, and I’m honored to be part of this great community.

  • Mike Volpe

    Very late to the conversation, but CONGRATULATIONS REIS! Well-deserved member of the month. Always glad to get the opportunity to work out with you in the mornings!