May 2016 Member of the Month


May 2016 Member of the Month
Introduced by Craig Bagno

Reis Baron. The Man with Two Last Names. Keeper and Protector of the Blog. Inspiration for the eponymous Reis’s Pieces WOD. Noted Body Chemistry Theorist. BTWB Whisperer. Owner of a 400# Back Squat. Primal Roar Advocate. Garage CrossFitter. OG CrossFitter. Badass CrossFitter.

And, of course, May Member of the Month.

Reis is a beast who could overhead squat every member of the gym. And then go rep out some 225# deadlifts just for fun. But the reason he’s Member of the Month is that he’s the sweetest guy going. Go on up to him and say hi. He’ll say hi back.