April 2016 Member of the Month


April 2016 Member of the Month
Introduced by Coach Kasey

It’s easy to peg Randall as an athlete. When you see him workout, it looks like he’s been hard at it in the gym for the majority of his life. That’s not quite the full story, though.

Randall is an accomplished violinist, currently studying at Juilliard. Unlike most 19 year-olds, he spends the majority of his weekends and school breaks going to different seminars and master classes to perfect his craft. This dedication to hard work and attention to detail is apparent in the box. Randall is quick to pick up new skills, he masters the fundamentals, and his commitment to meeting new goals ensures regular PRs. Just as importantly, you rarely see Randall without a welcoming smile on his face or a doing a happy dance between sets.

Congratulations, Randall!