Programming Changes for Fridays

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Friday Programming and Scheduling Changes

Starting April 1, all Friday WOD’s will be “All Levels,” and will be appropriate for every member of CrossFit NYC, whether you normally follow “Beginner,” “Experienced,” or “Competition” programming the rest of the week. It should be clear that each programming track is doing substantially the same exercises (albeit at different volumes) and we will be designing the programming so that on Friday’s, all of our members can come together and workout side by side. 

On Friday, everyone will do the same WOD (scaled up or down as needed). There will be no separate Beginner, Experienced, Endurance, Competition, Olympic Lifting, Black Box Barbell, or Open Gym classes on Friday.  (We will move Open Gym to Thursday evenings at 28th Street instead.) If you’re having trouble kicking up into a handstand, Friday is the day you are most likely to get a helpful tip or assist from someone who did 1 or 55 handstand push-ups during 16.4.

If you had a Friday automatic reservation, that reservation will need to be redone for a new All Level’s WOD. Simply contact the Front Desk and we will get you the time closest to your old class time. If you’ve been with us six months or longer and you haven’t taken advantage of automatic registration, you should seriously consider doing so. Email info at CrossFit NYC dot com for details on automatic registration.