March 2016 Member of the Month


 2016 Member of the Month
Introduced by Marjorie Korn

Marissa Stephenson’s CrossFit schedule is like an atomic clock. She’s a fixture at her 6:45am class, four times a week. Should she miss a day, you notice. That’s because she’s the one who always remembers to wish classmates happy birthday or congratulate you on a new PR. When there’s a partner WOD, you want Marissa as your buddy. She’ll cheer you on like it’s the final event of the Games. She’s the most genuine person you’ll meet. But make no mistake: She’s there to put in the work. Once she fixes her gaze on learning a new discipline—like those pull-ups—or moving a certain amount of weight, you can bet the farm she’ll accomplish it.

Two weeks ago, Marissa was married. This Monday was her first day back to the box. She came in, jet-lagged and bleary-eyed, to complete “16.1” proving once again what a model member she is.

Congratulations, Marissa!