2016 CrossFit Open Schedule Changes

Starting this Friday, February 26th, the CFNYC schedule will be altered for the next five weeks for the 2016 CrossFit Open.

If you follow the Beginner or the Experienced Programming tracks, it is generally recommended that you stick with your normal class times.  Since we will not know the workouts in advance, we cannot make recommendations about which class you should take until after the announcement.

A workout like “7 minutes of burpees” means anyone could attend any class regardless of the name and do the workout with little concern about scaling. However, a workout involving more advanced skills like muscle ups may mean that you need to choose “Scaled” over “Rx” depending on your skill level. This is something to keep in mind if you have auto-reserved classes or attend a very early morning class on Friday. Make sure you check the website on Thursday night for the WOD!

Note: If you workout at 67th street and the workout has wall balls to a 10 foot target OR muscle ups, AND you are registered for the Open AND plan to submit a score, you’ll want to make arrangements to test your workout that week at 28th street.

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Here is everything you need to know about the schedule changes:

1. 5 Weeks of Workouts = CrossFit Open

16.1: February 25 -February 29

16.2: March 3-7

16.3: March 10-14

16.4: March 17-21

16.5: March 24-28

2. Thursday Night each week, starting February 25th:

Live CrossFit Open Announcement at 28th street on the 3rd floor with Coach Catherine starting at 8 PM.

Feel free to bring food and drinks. We’ll hang out and watch top CrossFit athletes compete head to head as they perform that week’s Open workout.

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2. Friday’s Schedule each week, starting February 26th:

All Beginner WODs = Scaled Open WODs

All Experienced WODs = Rx Open WODs

Open Gym = Open Gym at 28th street.

Note: This class should not to be used as a time for testing the Open workouts.

3.  Saturday‘s Schedule each week, starting February 27th:

All Beginner WODs = Scaled Open WODs

All Experienced WODs = Rx Open WODs

There is no Open Gym on Saturday.


4. Sunday’s Schedule each week, starting February 28th:

All Experienced WODs = Rx and Scaled Open WODs

These classes are designed for anyone who needs to make up the workout and can’t attend on Friday or Saturday.

All Beginner WODs = A different WOD from Monday’s Beginner WOD.

Open Gym = Open Gym at 67th street

Note: This is not to be used as a time for testing the Open workouts, unless you have instructor permission.

5. Monday’s Schedule each week, starting February 29th:

Normal schedule resumes at both locations for Experienced and Beginner WODs.

(Note: the Beginner WOD will be different from Sunday.)


These workouts will be labeled as “Last Chance Open” WODs in Zen Planner.

5:45 AM Experienced WOD

12:30 PM Beginner WOD

5:40 PM Beginner WOD


You can perform the WOD Rx or Scaled – this is intended for people who were unable to get to the gym on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You should talk to a coach before attempting the WOD for a second time (i.e. have a very good reason to repeat).


More details to follow with score sheets and score submissions in a separate blog post.


  • Guest

    Thanks for the very detailed post Avery! Regarding potential Open workouts with wall balls, if we work out on the UWS and have been converted to the new Zen Planner server, we cannot manage our 28th street class sign ups online any more and have to do it in person/by email. Should this workout come up and classes fill up, we will have no way of knowing if we make it off the waitlist, etc. Would you happen to know if this issue is temporary?

    • Hari Singh

      In the event that RX’d members at 67th need to use 28th Street, we will:

      (1) Announce this on the blog shortly after CrossFit announces the WOD
      (2) Honor at 28th Street any reservation for an RX’d (eWOD) class made at 67th Street.

      In other words, if 16.1 involves wall balls or muscle-ups, you can register for the 6:00 AM eWOD at 67th Street, but simply attend at 28th Street, as if you had made your reservation at 28th Street.

      We will elaborate on the specifics if and when we know more details, but the short answer is that you will have no problem beyond getting to 28th Street, and of course, there will be no charges involved.

  • Corey D

    So on the UWS there are 12 classes total on Sat and Sun, but 10 out of 12 classes are bWOD, which means there are only 2 classes for people to be able to do 16.1 Rx’d. Is there any leeway to attempt Rx during a bWOD??

    • Avery W

      Corey, speak with your coach. Short answer, yes. This is an example of a very easy wod to do rx during a Beginner wod.