February 2016 Member of the Month


February 2016 Member of the Month

Introduced by Craig Convissar

Our February 2016 Member of the Month exemplifies all of the positive attributes of what CrossFit is meant to be. She’s a fierce competitor who pushes herself – and others – hard for every last rep. She’s never without an encouraging word for her fellow athletes, often calling out from across the room to enthusiastically cheer you on. Around the Box, she’s the one who will make you feel most welcome, always offering an enthusiastic high-five to match her infectious smile. Her in-WOD dance moves and badass tights are equally legendary.

Malika Martin is CFNYC’s February 2016 member of the month because she gets what this place is all about: community. As someone who goes out of her way to make others feel included and supported, she’s an ideal ambassador for our Box. When congregating around the whiteboard at the start of a WOD, there is no greater comfort than seeing her smiling face – it’s the moment you know you’ve got someone in your corner who’ll help push you to be your very best while making you feel like a champion, no matter the outcome.

Congratulations, Malika!