February 2016 Member of the Month


February 2016 Member of the Month

Introduced by Craig Convissar

Our February 2016 Member of the Month exemplifies all of the positive attributes of what CrossFit is meant to be. She’s a fierce competitor who pushes herself – and others – hard for every last rep. She’s never without an encouraging word for her fellow athletes, often calling out from across the room to enthusiastically cheer you on. Around the Box, she’s the one who will make you feel most welcome, always offering an enthusiastic high-five to match her infectious smile. Her in-WOD dance moves and badass tights are equally legendary.

Malika Martin is CFNYC’s February 2016 member of the month because she gets what this place is all about: community. As someone who goes out of her way to make others feel included and supported, she’s an ideal ambassador for our Box. When congregating around the whiteboard at the start of a WOD, there is no greater comfort than seeing her smiling face – it’s the moment you know you’ve got someone in your corner who’ll help push you to be your very best while making you feel like a champion, no matter the outcome.

Congratulations, Malika!


  • Victoria White

    This is so well deserved!!! Love ya Malika!! Always everyone’s cheerleader inside and outside of the box! Super proud and honored to have you not only as a WOD buddy on occasion, but also as a friend!!! ???????

  • Yael Bar-tur

    Yay Malika! So well deserved !!! One of the most upbeat, positive people around and it rubs off on everyone !

  • Anne Rutledge

    A while ago, Malika basically coached me through my first ever Endurance WOD, while I was convinced my short life was coming to an end right there on the rower.

    CONGRATS, MALIKA! And Go Dawgs. 🙂

  • Brian P

    Way to go Malika!

  • Malika Martin

    Thanks Everyone! I am grateful & merely reflecting back all the “awesomeness” this community has shown me. YOU ALL INSPIRE ME!! Watching you continually work hard towards being the best version of yourselves (physically & mentally) is truly motivating! KEEP IT UP! WOO-HOO! GO DAWGS! SHOUT-OUT : COTD… SQUAD #7 C-UNIT ….OUT(Fit)WOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paola Arinci

    Congratulation Malika! Couldn’t agree more with all said.

  • Glenn McMahon

    Congrats Malika!! Well done-

  • Where’s McArdle?

    Congrats, Malika!

  • Dan Tshin

    This is awesome… so very much deserved. I’m so honored to have been a Queen-Bee with you at Halloween WOD. it’s members – and friends – like Malika that make me really miss CFNYC here in Copenhagen. Hope you’ll be able to come out here and join me in some WODs (either at one of CrossFit Copenhagen’s 14 boxes here, or Butcher’s Lab – closer to our new apartment)

    • Malika Martin

      Yes, Def coming to visit! Thanks so much Dan!

  • Hari Singh

    Congratulations, Malika!

    • Malika Martin

      Thanks Hari!

  • Madison

    Awesome! Congrats, Malika!

  • Juan Gabby Ortiz
    • Malika Martin

      Looooove this!

  • Henry Reyes

    Congrats Malika! Well deserved! truly an awesome person.

  • scott

    looking good miss…do your thank miss hampsted