Olympic Weightlifting Schedule Additions and FYI


Toby jerk

Coach Catherine working on her Jerk technique in Black Box Barbell Class.

Recently, we’ve made some additions to Crossfit NYC’s Oympic Weightlifting class options. We’ve added classes Sunday at 12pm and Thursday at 5:45am, and will continue to make adjustments to the schedule if there is sufficient demand.

Additionally, these classes have been split into two separate programming tracks:

Wednesday – 12:30PM (28th) / 5:00PM (28th)
Thursday – 5:45AM (28th) / 7:30PM (67th)
Sunday – 12:00PM (28th)

Black Box Barbell:
Sunday – 1:00PM (28th)
Monday through Thursday – 7:10/8:10PM (28th)

Consider OlyWOD as a supplement to your Beginner or Experienced Crossfit training. The focus is on learning both the basics of Olympic weightlifting and new skills, so that you may improve your WOD times, weight lifting, and comfort level with the Olympic lifts. We recommend replacing one of your WODs for the day with this class, instead of doubling up.

This class is open to any member who is familiar with the Snatch, Clean, and Jerk, but has been struggling with learning the movements or is looking to gain a training edge, as Olympic Lifting is seen in nearly half of all “classic” CrossFit WODs. It is strongly suggested that you are proactive about furthering your knowledge of the Olympic lifts if you did not have experience in these complex movements before coming to Crossfit NYC.

Note: You need to complete Post-Elements #1 (Snatch) and Post-Elements #2 (Clean and Jerk) before signing up for OlyWOD if you are a recent graduate of Elements or have been CrossFitting for less than 3 months.

Black Box Barbell is a stand-alone class, and not meant to be done in conjunction with more than the very occasional WOD. There is a clear progression and goal for each training cycle, and individual sessions will not be beneficial to occasional attendees.

The focus in these classes is on improving your results in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. The movements and progressions used in this class are more advanced and are meant for those who are intimately familiar with the Olympic lifts and their accessory movements. Members are expected to partake in the monthly Mock Meets or an actual Olympic weightlifting competition.

This class is intended for those looking to train exclusively in Olympic lifts and members are required to have Coach Brian’s permission to take the class. The same rules apply for drop-ins.

Interested? Contact Brian@crossfitnyc.com


  • CarlosL1983

    The first rule of Blackbox Barbell Club is: you do not walk/stand in front or behind someone who is lifting.

    The second rule of Blackbox Barbell Club is :
    YOU DO NOT walk/stand in front or behind someone who is lifting.

    -can we get the printed on the third floor? 😀

  • Abraham

    Well, if my friends didn’t think I was insane before, they’ll certainly flip when they find out I’m going to a lifting class that *STARTS* at 5:45 am, hah! Super excited that there’s now an OlyWOD that fits my schedule!

    Question though: unless I’m missing something, it looks like the “OlyWOD” track in Beyond the Whiteboard is for what is now called Black Box Barbell. Is the “new” OlyWOD (the supplemental on Sundays/Wednesdays/Thursdays) going to get its own BtWB track?

    • reisbaron

      Currently the “OlyWOD” track contains both classes, as each are labeled accordingly (see attached photo from Sunday). So on days when both OlyWODs and Black Box Barbell classes are happening, you should easily be able to find either or both under the OlyWOD programming track. This track will be renamed “Olympic Weightlifting” in the coming weeks to encapsulate both class types. As far as separating them into two tracks, that’s not something that’s necessary at this time.

      • Abraham

        So basically…my observation skills suck. That was the most likely outcome after all. 😛


  • Svazquez88

    We need more OlyWODs in the UWS!

    • Hari Singh

      Are you proposing that we cancel certain classes and replace them with Olympic Lifting?
      Or can you suggest days and times that we have both space and demand for Olympic Lifting?

      • Katie

        Hi Hari,
        I would recommend changing the Wednesday 6:05AM Bwod to an oly class. This class is usually fairly small, as most people elect to take the 6AM endurance wod instead, and do the same beginner wod on Thursday. I know there would be an interest among morning UWS’ers.

        • Harrison Comfort


        • Corey D


      • Madison

        Definitely would like to see early AM UWS oly classes – perhaps Wed 6/6:05am time slots. Or any other days at 6am that work well with ewod programming.

      • Svazquez88

        Well… We could probably do a 1:30pm OlyWOD right after the 12:30 bWOD. OR, as I’m sure will happen, many who attend the 2pm bWOD will opt to attend the 1:30 OlyWOD so maybe replace the 2pm bWOD with a 1:30pm OlyWOD?

        A 1:30 OlyWOD can also stand alone without replacing the 12:30 bWOD or 12:15 eWOD.

    • Hari Singh

      Effective Wednesday and Thursday, Feb 3 and 4 (UWS)

      Wednesday 6:00 AM CFE will become an eWOD (with Meaghan)
      Wednesday 6:05 AM bWOD will become CFE (with Ben)
      Thursday 6:00 AM eWOD will become Olympic Lifting (with Kasey)

      This keeps four early weekday bWOD’s and four early weekday eWOD’s
      Wednesday will be an early CFE, and Thursday will be an early Olympic Lifting

      • Brian P

        Thanks for this update Hari. Will we still have our auto enroll option for the 6 AM Oly on Thursday if it is already on our auto enroll set up?

        • Hari Singh

          We’re in the process of creating a separate Zen data base for the UWS. It may not be possible to auto enroll people until we get them switched to the new data base. Email Amber at CrossFit NYC for details.

          (You will begin to see a message for certain UWS classes indicating that you need to contact Amber to register for the class. That will be the signal that your time has come to transition.)

      • Madison

        This is great – thanks for the responsiveness!! ????