December 2015 Member of the Month


2015 December Member of the Month

Andy Gallo once was, and will again be, an officer in The United States Military.

One year ago he traded his boots for books, accepting an offer from the Army to complete a PhD program in political science at Columbia University, before returning to duty to train our nation’s soldiers.

Andy told us that while he spends these years in the library, he needs to stay physically and mentally tough. We are honored he chose CFNYC to keep him in fighting shape, and trust Coach Kasey to get his snatch above 185# shortly.

Congratulations, Andy!


  • vincenthernandez

    congrats andy!

  • Hari Singh

    Congratulations, Andy!

  • Brian P

    Congratulations Andy!

  • Glenn McMahon

    Wow, this is awesome. Andy is such a great guy. He exemplifies the best of CFNYC not to mention represents our US Armed Forces. Proud to know Andy, to workout along side of him. Super excited about his recognition. Well deserved. Now get that 185#

  • Paola Arinci

    Wow, awesome member of the month! Congratulation Andy. Come visit us at 28th streeet.

  • Victoria White

    Yay Andy!! Congrats! Well deserved o/

  • Jennifer Pade

    Love this! Great story and great choice for member of the month.

  • Where’s McArdle?

    Congrats, Andy! What an upgrade from last month!

  • Rajoo Sharma

    Congrats Andy! PhD in 3 years..go get’em!