Beyond the Whiteboard Updates for OlyWOD

OlyWOD: please share this with your fellow lifters so everyone gets the update.

We’ve heard from OlyWOD members recently about the difficulty in using Beyond The Whiteboard to score Oly WODs using the pre-loaded AMRAPs in the calendar. The original reason for using the AMRAP format was to allow the athlete a way to enter the number of “rounds” (indicating the number of sets you performed) since some people will do three sets in 10 minutes, others will do five, etc. However, It appears that because of the various loads used during a given workout, the AMRAPs in the calendar do not allow for various weights to be entered. So this leaves us with the following change:

Starting Tuesday November 11th the calendar will be pre-loaded with three sets of each Oly workout. If a WOD is 20 minutes of Snatch Pull + Snatch, you will see three sets of this couplet listed. For those using a computer to log their work via the web, each movement will have a blue square icon (see attached image) on the far right that allows you to copy the movement when you’re entering results. So if you did five sets of work, hitting this icon twice will add two more snatch rows so you can enter the loads properly for the exact amount of sets you did.


This new method of entry will only work on the web-based version of BTWB. As it currently stands, the iPhone/Android app does not feature the “copy” button that allows for this flexibility. (Photo is above) If you normally use your phone to record your work in BTWB, you will need to log in via web browser instead of the app to increase the number of work sets you record. We are in regular communication with the programmers at BTWB, and we hope to have improvements to the program included in the next round of updates that make logging Oly WODs easier. We appreciate your patience as they continue to develop the program to make it user friendly for all classes, not just classic Crossfit WODs.

As always, you are welcome to give us feedback for all things Beyond The Whiteboard at