November 2015 Member of the Month

November 2015 Member of the Month

Most of our Members of the Month have earned the title by distinguishing themselves through contributions to our CFNYC family.

Matt Braunstein earned it by winning a series of escalating bets.

After seeing Lynne as the first CFNYC MoM, jealousy began to take root in Matt. He plotted and machinated, wearing down his opposition with a Trump-esque insistence on his positive traits. Seeing the Open as an opportunity to scheme rather than test his fitness, he tricked Coaches Avery, Mead, and Michael (aka the selection and production committee) into a complex bet. When the smoke cleared at the end of March, Matt had secured a victory.

We put off making the video, because watching him squirm was fun, but it’s probably time.

Even though Matt is a plotter on par with Jafar, he’s still a fun guy. His humor, friendliness, and obsession with fitness mean that if you’ve been at 28th street in the evening, you’ve probably seen or heard him (very likely playing with Starbuck or asking Avery if it’s time to bench yet).

Without further ado, one of our kindest, most humble, and wily friends: Matt Braunstein.