September 2015 Member of the Month

September 2015 Member of the Month

Lily Cudmore is the youngest Crossfit NYC member to be featured as MoM, and one of the wisest athletes we’ve met.

Only 7 months into CrossFit, she is satisfied with her small victories yet has sites set on larger ones – Lily knows it takes a strict pull-up to do a proper kipping pull-up.

She reminded us that the ultimate goal is be satisfied with yourself. We learned a lot from talking with Lily, and walked away even happier to have her, and to be a part of CFNYC with her.


  • Henry Reyes

    Congrats Lily!!!

  • Hari Singh

    Congratulations, Lily!

  • Josh brown


  • Where’s McArdle?


  • Ava Heller

    Whoop whoop! One of the best people at crossfit. Lily is a friend to anyone fortunate enough to meet her! Great pick for member of the month!

  • Lynne A

    Go lily go!

  • Talia

    Love it. Congrats Lily

  • icryformycountry

    I love you honey pie….pops