Programming Update (August)

The next programming update will be up sometime in the next two weeks for both Beginners and Experienced Programming.  Today, we are finishing our eWOD testing this week with “Fran”. Then we will finish up the final drafts of our programming template after we review people’s scores and improvements. From now until Labor Day, you should expect to see an emphasis on “fun” workouts, including a Hero WOD on Labor Day.

The main takeaway is that during the next few weeks, you don’t need to take anything too seriously at the gym. You should come into the gym and use this as a time to dial it back a bit if you’ve been training really hard this summer. On the other hand, if you’ve been out of the gym for work, vacation, etc. this is a great time to get back into the gym and ramp back up to get ready for our next training cycle (September-November).

All athletes, regardless of their sport, have recovery periods after harder testing weeks or competitions. This is a great time to evaluate other weak spots in your training game.

When’s the last time you thought about your:

  • Sleep. How much quality sleep you are getting each night? Are you using caffeine or energy drinks as a crutch to get through your workouts?
  • Nutrition. Is there a small or large nutritional change you could make that will help improve your performance at the gym? One easy way to eat healthy on the go is to pick up a Kettlebell Kitchen meal at the gym.
  • Mobility. Have you checked out an Active Recovery class yet? Looked at Mobility WOD? A ton of great free resources are on the internet if you’re willing to look for it. There’s also a video for every stretch or mobilization you can imagine on MWOD.
  • Training Journal. Do you have something to track your WODs like Beyond the Whiteboard (Hint: It’s FREE for CFNYC members) or even a plain old notebook? I guarantee this is the number one way to improve at CrossFit. Without a doubt, consistently tracking your weights and times  will lead to greater improvements at the gym. It also helps the coaches make better recommendations for scaling during workouts.
  • Recovery. Are you taking Rest Days? If so, how often? Are you coming in twice a day and not seeing improvements? What’s optimal student working part-time, may not be optimal for someone working an 80 hour work week. We generally recommend that you pick one track of WODs (Beginner or eWODs) and stick to that track (don’t flip flop!)Ideally, you should take at least 2 Rest Days every week.  If you are working out 6-7 times a week and not not seeing a vast improvement in your strength or fitness, you are basically approaching CrossFit the wrong way. It’s not necessarily the quantity of times you come, but the effort you bring to each class (along with all the things listed above) that make a difference in your overall fitness, body composition, and well-being.

Besides thinking about some of these things outside of the gym, this may be a great time to evaluate whether or not you are ready to move up to the next level of Programming. For some this may mean moving up to Experienced WOD or even the Competition class. If you are interested in moving from Beginners to Experienced WODs, you should first talk to your coach to see if you are ready to do so.  They will be able to assess your readiness to join the class.

If you are already in eWOD, complete most WODs RX’D and finish in the top percent of your classes, and interested in the Competition class, please contact Coach Avery at averyatcrossfitnycdotcom for more information. You should not only be able to commit to the Competition class schedule, but you should have a strong desire to compete and a recommendation from a coach at the gym.

If you are committed to the Beginners track (or brand new), then talk with your coach to discuss if you are getting the most out of classes you can. (This also applies to eWOD!)

If you feel like you aren’t, first make sure that you are: attending bWOD consistently, taking Rest Days, tracking your workouts, reading the blog before you come in, and taking advantage of How To classes, Active Recovery, or Oly WOD. You definitely won’t be getting the most out of the programming you could be if you aren’t doing the above!