August Member of the Month

August 2015 Member of the Month

Andrew Graves is a marvelous mix of contradictions.

A grizzled six year CrossFit veteran and yet one of the first CFNYC friends you’re apt to make just out of Elements.

A Viking warrior at heart (that glorious beard! those golden locks!) and yet one CFNYC’s most fun and hilarious WOD partners.

A Minnesotan and a West Villager. A construction guy and an artist.

An “adult” who regularly stomps the “kids” who work for him at pull-up contests using buckets of bricks as ballast.

And, above all else, a competitor who likes competition because he believes it can bring people together instead of pulling them apart.

Well. One last thing. He’s just happens to be our friend and a very, very good guy.

Are these reasons enough to make him the August Member of the Month? Why, yes. Yes, they are.

Congratulations, Andy!