June 2015 Member of the Month

June 2015 Member of the Month: Craig Convissar 

As CrossFitters, we train the capacity to push ourselves beyond our comfort levels – perhaps becoming comfortable in the uncomfortable is one of the primary reasons each box is surrounded by a supportive community. As New Yorkers, we trend towards open-mindedness: it is not news to us that gay marriage is on the cusp of being legal in all 50 states. It will therefore not be news to you all that our June Member of the Month is a proud gay CrossFitter, who grew up performing in musicals and naturally, as an adult, found himself addicted to our crazy sport.

We cannot think of a more community-minded, worthy member who embodies the spirit of CrossFit in so many ways then Craig. Like so many of us, he has battled an injury which could have sidelined him for good. Instead of giving up, he and his coaches found a way to modify his training, keeping him in the gym (and the kickball field, too, as we learned). He has organized LGBT events in and out of our box and even welcomed athletes from other gyms to join our events. Without him, the entire community at CrossFitNYC wouldn’t be what it is today.

So, for June, a month for celebrating and furthering LGBT equality, we showcase our box’s champion of the kind, Craig Convissar.