May 2015 Member of the Month

May 2015 Member of the Month

Traditionally, we have written a short piece about our MoM, which this month, is Craig Bagno. He told us that being a part of CFNYC has made an already happy life even happier. After spending the afternoon with him in and out of the box, we realized he was having the same effect on us.

So this time around, without any preamble, we simply ask that you spend a moment watching, listening to, and learning about our friend, Craig Bagno.


  • AndyK

    Great person to highlight! I used to only bump into Craig on Saturdays, but a few months ago he switched over to the early morning crew. Even at 5:50am, he is always in a good mood and gives his all – even when the WOD is not ring MUs or pull-ups! You can tell that he enjoys every minute in the box and is constantly looking to improve. All around a great guy to have around the box and in the morning crew. Also, it’s all relative Craig, and relative to the games athletes, we all suck a Crossfit!

  • Brian P

    Don’t know Craig but love his spirit! Congrats!

  • Stan

    10/10 on the scarf. Craig’s upbeat attitude is infectious. It’s always great to have him around.

  • amandalblake

    Seriously an above and beyond, beautiful video. Such an inspiring voice for those of us who love CrossFit despite our skill level : ) Awesome stuff, Coach Michael and Coach Mead!

  • Jennifer Pade

    Craig is always smiling and positive. It’s a pleasure to see him at the gym!

  • John E

    congrats Craig. Nicest guy ever.

  • kellen

    I don’t know if there could be a better choice for an inspirational and admirable spirit. Good or not AT Crossfit (if there even should be such a thing), Craig is everything that’s good ABOUT Crossfit.

    • Michael J. Bultman

      Well said.

  • Lynne A

    Great Video!!! Awesome member of the month. I love seeing you put in the extra effort everyday so inspiring!

  • Marissa Stephenson

    Aha! One of the best months in New York gets one of the greatest CFNYC members. Yay, Craig Bagno! So well deserved. Though, I think (have always thought!) your shirt fits just right.

  • Nick Walters

    Congrats Craig. Happy to see your progress over the years. Enjoyed coaching you those Saturday mornings!!

  • Victoria White

    Yay Craig! Love the enthusiasm and dedication you have! Congrats!!

  • Glenn McMahon

    Well done, Craig is a great guy. One of the reasons I love CrossFit is people like Craig. Happy to have gotten to know him this past year. And if you suck at CrossFit, I hate to think of where that puts me. #LiftHeavyShitandhavefun and I don’t think your Tee Shirts are one size too small MB is just jealous

  • This is great!

  • Hari Singh