April Member of the Month

April Member of the Month

Crossfit is scary. Being without a friend in a new place is scary. Combine them in the basement our Upper West Side space (then, 2 months old) and you can imagine what Vicky White was feeling when she came in for her free intro at CrossFit NYC.

Almost a year and a half later, Vicky is part of the (in)famous “Children of the Dungeon” 6 AM CrossFit crew, and our pick for the CrossFit NYC April MoM.

How do we pick who to feature for the member of the month? Simple, we ask you.

We asked some UWS members, “If a new person comes to your 6 AM class, who introduces themselves first?”

You answered, “Vicky. Always Vicky.”


  • Brian P

    No one more deserving! Way to go Vicky!

    • Victoria White

      Awww thanks Brian…but I can think of so many more!! 😉
      You guys…that’s what gets me up and out of bed at stupid o’clock in the morning!! It’s been great so far, growing up together in the Dungeon! May it continue!!! 😀

  • Adam White

    Woop woop.. Great job Vicky. Glad you proved your husband wrong! He sounds like a right idiot 🙂
    #COTD #UWS

    • Victoria White

      Yep he is…But I like to prove him wrong! 😉

  • Alan Clark

    When you add in taking time to make amazing Paleo treats and all the effort it takes to keep Adam in line, this is really all that much more impressive!!

    • Victoria White

      Haha! You know! 😉

  • Madison

    Boom, Vicky!! Amazing job by the life of the (gym) party!

  • Corey D

    Couldn’t agree more – great job Vicky! Thank you for making 6am the best part of our weekdays! Fun fact: she also makes a phenomenal paleo chocolate cake.

  • Katie

    Yay Vicky!! Thanks for being my 6AM lifting partner, and always pushing me to go a little bit heavier – class wouldn’t be the same without you!!

    • Victoria White

      Likewise! Love ya! Always need my matey there to push me 🙂

  • Sari

    Yay Vicky! Not only the first to welcome newcomers to the 6:00 am class, but also provides invaluable support to those of us who suffer from boxjumpaphobia.

  • Madison

    The WOD Whisperer.

  • Charlotte Goins

    Very cool, Vicky! I’ve never been in the dungeon that early and have only seen you on the blog, so it’s great to meet you “in person.” Way to represent the UWS!

  • Lauren S

    Great choice!!

  • Nicki Osborn

    Love this even though I’ve never met you, Vicky!

  • Victoria White

    Thanks for coming back! I’m sooooo pleased to have you with us crazy kids x

  • Chris F.

    Vicky, WOD Whisperer! Way to go! You’ve definitely played a huge role in everyone’s progress. We are proud of you. CotD represent!

  • Christine

    Congrats!!! This is awesome

  • Nance H

    Congratulations Vicky! Well deserved. You are AMAZING!!!