March Member of the Month

March Member of the Month

What are some traits that describe an outstanding team player?

1. Commits day after day.
2. Makes good progress.
3. Enthusiasm and Perseverance

All of these qualities apply to our Member of the Month for March.  Most importantly, he happens to be one of the nicest, hard working guys we know. While it looks like he’s always known how to snatch a ton of weight and squat super heavy, he has struggled with workouts and movements just like everyone else.  His rate of improvement over the course of last year has dramatically increased, given his obvious commitment to the CFNYC Competition class.

He follows directions in class, will offer words of encouragement to everyone, and continually works on his weaknesses. (Even if it doesn’t seem like he has many!) He also may be part ninja, we’re not sure. He was part of last year’s Regionals Team, but has also represented CFNYC at various local and regional level competitions. As this “Member of the Month” is being honored during the CrossFit Open, it seems fitting that we choose a true competitor.

It’s our pleasure to introduce you all to our March Member of the Month: Rob Keefe!