February Member of the Month

This month we will be honoring a member as our “Member of the Month”.  This is a member the coaching staff has chosen who brings positive energy and a good attitude to the box.  

While there were many people we immediately thought of, our first Member of the Month was not difficult to choose, because of the positivity she shows in every class she attends. Her humble willingness to improve upon her weaknesses shows with her hard work, dedication, and results in the gym. (Hmmm, strict pull ups? Check, just got her first one last week!) She is passionate about CrossFit and CFNYC, we see this when she posts regularly in the comments on our blog.   Finally, she brings energy and enthusiasm to class and we can’t decide, whether it’s her freestyle rap skills or her shouts of encouragement for a fellow member struggling to finish a tough WOD. 

It’s our pleasure to introduce you all to our first Member of the Month: Lynne Antinarelli!