CFE Announcement (In case you missed it!)

This month CFE will transition to one WOD each week. This allows our members to make better decisions about how they follow the programming, regardless of which program track they are on (Beginners/All Levels or Experienced).

Knowing that this WOD will repeat three days in a row means that members can better choose when to add in a CFE WOD into their week of programming. It also means less chance of similar movements overlapping during the course of the week’s programming.

The Current CFE Schedule is:
-Wednesday AM at UWS, AM and PM at 28th Street
-Thursday AM and PM at UWS
-Friday AM at 28th Street

Beginners/All Levels Programming is designed for you to be able to take a Rest Day on Sunday or Monday without missing a Peak WOD, when the WOD is repeated both days. For Experienced Programming, members tend to adhere to the schedule more rigorously; there is a Rest Day option on Sunday/Monday and Wednesday/Thursday for the two Peak WODs of the week. CFE can be substituted for one of your WODs during the week if you are interested in working on your conditioning and endurance.


  • Arun A.

    Is there just one Friday AM time? 6:50 am?

    • Hari Singh

      Correct, as of now.

  • Charlotte Goins

    This is so cool and well thought out – I super appreciate that black box programming doesn’t force us to choose from a bunch of different WOD programs (oly, strength, gymnastic, etc.) and have to decide what is going to work for us that week/month/year (not that there is anything wrong with that, just my opinion)….I just love that if I show up to the 5 days of coherent ewod programming and trust it, I’ll get consistently better all around, and I can intelligently throw in a CFE class every now and then to work on a Goat (aka rowing). Thanks, Avery! (and Brian/Nick/all the programmers)