Beginner WOD Programming Note

This year the Experienced WOD programming was changed from 7 WODs per week to a training cycle of 5 WODs per week with 2 Rest Days.  Initially, we utilized a 5 WODs per week training cycle for the Competition class for more than a year and saw great results from programmed Rest Days.

Since we have classes seven days per week for Experienced WOD, Rest Days were created by repeating workouts on Sundays and Mondays, and then again on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The results of the most recent back squat cycle coupled with feedback from members who follow the Experienced WOD programming indicate that the 5-day programming approach has been incredibly successful.

Despite being newer to CrossFit, we believe that Beginners will see similar benefits from adopting a more structured approach to training.  We will start with a 6 day programming cycle just as we did with Experienced WOD.  Beginners should consider the Sunday/Monday WOD an important workout which will feature a fundamental CrossFit skill such as the back squat, snatch or a gymnastics movement.

Here’s how it will work for Beginner WOD: Starting next week, the Beginner WOD will be the same on Sundays and Mondays (September 14 and 15).  You should choose to attend either Sunday or Monday as your schedule allows, but not both days.

Repeating the workouts on Sundays and Mondays has taken the guessing game out of which WODs members should attend.  It ensures they take a Rest Day which is vital to recovery, and what the important “peak” workout for the week will be.

What if you can’t make it in both of those days? If a member is unable to attend Sunday and Monday there will still be plenty of challenging workouts in the week to choose from.  We recommend that Experienced members attend on average 4-5 days per week as their recovery allows.   Beginner members should attend on average 3-5 days per week. They may require more Rest Days then Experienced members as they adapt to the programming.


  • Raul

    I look forward to this. Monday is perfect for me, and I already do five days most weeks.

  • Drea Edwards

    It is fundamentally important to allow your body to rest in between workouts for many reasons ( gain, avoid injury, recovery etc.) I usually take five classes a week ( 3 concecutive classes, one day rest, two more consecutive classes, one day rest). even if I miss those workouts for some reason , I’ll do it on my own at my gym. Thanks for heads up.

  • Kathleen C

    Bummer! I like to start my week off right with Sun/Mon workouts.

  • colindowell

    Cool. Now I’ll know the Monday workout on Friday night.

  • amandalblake

    Hi Avery, Thanks for the post. I’m pretty new to crossfit and aim to attend 3-4 WODs/week. Aside from the Sunday/Monday update, is there a regular pattern to Beginner WODs on other days? For example, does Tuesday always focus on X skill, Wednesday on Y, Thursday on Z? I usually attend whichever classes are convenient each week, but wonder if it’d be beneficial to develop a regular schedule. Thanks for your advice!