Wednesday 140625

A. Back Squat 5×5 (75% + 30#, 5th back squat exposure)
B. Collect up to 50 double push up burpees in the hour.

A. Back Squat 5×5 (75% + 30#, 5th back squat exposure)
B. Collect up to 30 man makers during the class (athlete chooses weight).

For time:
Run 1 mile
33 push-ups
Run 1 mile
33 squats
Run 1 mile
33 burpees

(Photo credit: Lisa Haefner)

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Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s classes:

In a 90 second interval complete:
5-7 chest to bar pull ups
14 wall balls (20/14)
ME no push up burpees
Rest 90 seconds

Complete 10 rounds (30 minutes for work and rest).
Score is total number of no push up burpees.

A. Back Squat 5×5 (75% + 30#, 5th back squat exposure)
B. Collect up to 30 man makers during the class (athletes choose weight).


  • Hari Singh

    Note that this is the first week that the Wednesday and Thursday Experienced WOD’s are the same (choose one as a rest day, or do CFE or the Beginner WOD, if you are doing both days).

    For a more complete explanation of the Experienced programming, see here:

  • Craig Bagno

    In Atlanta this week, at CrossFit Peachtree. Did an EMOM thing and then JT. 16:09 Rx except for the HSPUs which we’re aided by two ab mats and my longish hair. 😉

  • Jonathan D

    A. Back Squat 5×5: 135-185-225-225-245-245-245. First two were practice sets. These felt fine. For some reason I was intimidated by doing 245 even though I did the exact same amount of reps at 245 last week. Thankfully, my partners Luis, Jordan and Carlos made me bring it. Probably need to work on depth a bit, but I’ll have to go for at least a few sets at 255 next time!

    B. Double push-up burpees: I was curious about the man makers experienced was doing, but these were…lovely, too.

    XC: 30 Skin the Cats. These felt really easy today, but perhaps I was swinging up into them too much. Working towards muscle-ups!

  • Jordan Krasne

    6am with Kyle:
    A. Back Squat 5×5: 225-245-245-245-245
    B. Completed all 50 double pushup burpees

  • Benny Roitman

    7:10am eWOD w Chris
    A: 5×5 @ 205# (PR)
    B: 30 MMs @ 30#

  • Ben

    A- 1st work set- 225# and then 235# across. Skipped squats last week after getting small pain in knee 2 weeks ago. Happy to see it was completely gone this week.
    B- 50 double push up burpees

    Question- as we increase the weight we do in these weekly squat workouts, theoretically, should the most recent weight we did be our “new” 75%? IE- my 1RM was 280 when we tested. 75% in 1st exposure was 210. Today I did 235. Does that mean that if we were to test again, I should see the same 12% increase in my 1RM that I’ve seen in my 5×5?

    Also- how many more squat “exposures” are programmed?

    • Hari Singh

      The change in your 5RM will not perfectly track the percent change in your 1RM. (Just as an decrease in your 5K row time will not perfectly track a decrease in your 1K row time.)

      Your 1RM is always an actual number result, not a projected result.

  • Addie B

    7:10am eWOD w Chris
    A: 5×5 @ 275# (5 rep PR)
    B: 21 MMs @ 40#

    • Benny Roitman

      Awesome work!

  • Rich J

    A: BS 5×5: 305 across. Squats with Simon! Nice work today. Same weight for me as last week but it felt really heavy today. An unexpected week off always throws me off.
    B: yup collected 50…

    Reis- missed you today buddy. you were on the board… Hope the knee is holdin’ up alright.

    • reisbaron

      Thanks Rich. I haven’t seen 7-8 hours of sleep on a weeknight in quite some time. Seems the knee is liking it. Mixing in some Advil and yoga and I’ll attempt re-entry next week and see how it goes. Tough to stay away, but best for now. Nice work on the 305.

      • Rich J

        Sleep is always good.

  • Jim S

    A: 205,210,215,220,225
    Normally try to do straight weight across, but yesterday’s cleans left me feeling a bit tentative today.
    B: 30 mm with 20lb dumbbells

  • Melissa

    WU: just under 3 rounds with 16lb Wallball, 12kg TGU and 5 strict C2B
    Squats: 5×5 @153 (75% +30) this was hard today & couldn’t get my feet setup right but I know what I need to do to fix it for next weeks exposure- thanks chris!
    Man makers :10×3 @25lb

  • Nick Levin

    8:30am with Chris:
    A. Back Squat 5×5: 185
    B. Completed all 50 double pushup burpees

  • Robert Keeley

    6:10am eWoD with Chris
    A. Back Squat 5×5 @ 245#
    B. 30 Man Makers with 35# dumbells
    EC. Weighted Pull-ups 16kg KB
    4 Rounds 5-7-9 (CTB Pull-ups, Russian KB Swings 32kg+, T2B)
    MU attempts! Came super close to completing my first one!!
    I was finally able to put the parts together for 3/4 of it. Progress.
    Thanks to John, Mike and Todd for encouraging me to stay after this

    • stan’s biceps

      I recommend you do more bicep curls to achieve a muscle up.
      Good try though.

  • Jacob B

    7:10a eWOD
    5×5 back squat @ 285

  • Jordan

    Celebrated my one year CrossFit anniversary with some back squats!

    Today – WU at 95,115,135 and then five work sets at 175

    Compare to June 2013 – unable to do a reasonably competent air squat, spent Elements class trying to touch my butt to the wall without falling down, eventually graduated to 45# bar.

    Big thanks to everybody for your support and unrelenting patience

  • John E

    310 across. Reverse kettle bell press to rehab both shoulders 🙁

  • Marissa Stephenson

    7:10 with Chris
    WU: two rounds of 16lb wallball, 12kg TGU, 3 strict C2B (worked on the TGU form; thx for the tips, Chris!)
    Squats: First two sets at 133#, last three at 138#. Baby steps.
    MMs: 30 in sets of 3 @ 25#

  • Elaina Gemelas

    7:10am eWOD with Chris

    A. Back Squat: This was my first time back squatting in more than a month, so I went super light with only 53#. I’m being super cautious, but at least it was good to get into the groove of the movement while focusing on technique only.

    B. Man Makers: 20# dumbbells and completed in sets of 3

  • Stacey Pearson

    12:30 w SGGeeee
    A. 1st set of 5 at 163# (10# up from last week and 10# under my 1RM) They were too heavy though…did the last 4 sets at 158#.
    B. 30 MM at 25#

  • Madison

    6am UWS w/ MJB
    A: 5×5 Back Squats worked up from light: 95-135-155-175-185-185 (failed on 3rd rep)
    What is a reasonable expectation as far as weight for getting through 5×5? 185# is ~90% of my max.. I’ve gassed out the last two exposures after a couple sets at 185. Previously exposure got through 5×5 @ 175 no problem.

  • ben

    endurance wod

    32:13 or something

  • Andy Graves

    6:10 eWod w/Brian. First experienced wod, going to be a good fit.
    A: 225, 230, 230, 235, 235×6
    B: 30 man haters/25# dumb bells. First time with those. They are a serious exercise.

  • 4pm w Sully
    Squats: 1x5x275, 2x5x280, 2x5x255. After the second set of 280 i knew i didnt have much more in the tank.

    FYI: get sleep, its important.

  • Amber Rodriguez

    4pm with Coach Sully
    138# for all five sets across, 5lbs more than last week’s exposure.
    Took it easy on the man-makers between sets, to allow for enough rest. Rued the decision when I had 15 left to do before class finished. Womp.

  • David Hyatt

    Endurance WOD with Kasey at 6:30 pm
    Time: 30:15

    Who are the animals who finished under 21 minutes? How many pedestrians did they take out doing five and six minute miles?

    Dogs spotted during the six 26th street loops: ten.
    There is a crazy awesome drooling fatty fat English Bulldog in the neighborhood and thankfully this WOD coincided with his/her nightly walk.

  • Steve BBQ

    3:00pm with Kevin

    A: 225×5, 225×5, 225×5, 225×5, 225×5
    B: 30 man makers @ 35#

  • michael saterman

    Dropped into 812Crossfit in Columbus, IN
    25 push press @75# + 50 Double unders x5RFT = 22:44
    BIG DAY: I was able to string together my DUs…somewhat.