Tuesday 140603

Seven rounds:
5 Pull-ups
10 Alternating one legged squats
15 Sit-ups

Seven Rounds for Time:
5 C2B Pullup
10 Roll to candlestick into pistol (5 each leg)
15 V-Ups

(Photo credit: Ben Jorgensen. Click on photo to enlarge)

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Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s classes:

A. Deadlift 5×3 (80% of 1RM +10#)
B. 60 T2B with a partner – in sets of 3 – must hang from the bar to complete your T2B (each person completes 30 T2B)

A. Deadlift 5×3 (80% of 1RM +10#)
B. 80 T2B with a partner – in sets of 5 – must hang from the bar to complete your T2B (each person completes 40 T2B)

As a group, complete 40 minute AMRAP on the rower for max meters, minimum 250 m/maximum 1000 m each interval.


  • ToddMorris

    5:30am Beginner w/ Chris

    13:40Rx w/ CTB Pull-ups.
    This body doesn’t move quite as fast @ 5:30am. Pretty much every pistol I heard in my head Coach Sara yelling at me “KNEES TODD – KNEES!”

  • Jonathan D


    15:15. Mix of kipping pull-ups and as close to strict as I could get, some really questionable pistols, and pretty standard sit-ups. Got really frustrated with pistols but Kyle noticed and reminded me that not a lot of people train to do one-legged squats. I also switched to using a bar for support, which made them a lot prettier. Someday I’ll be able to do them unassisted, dammit.

  • Abraham

    6:40/Chris: 14:50.

    I noticed that I tend to over-scale pull-ups, so I dropped down from the black band in a bit of a leap of faith. Did the first round with just the green band, but those were basically singles, and way too slow, so did the rest with green + blue. However, if we ever get not-timed pull-ups, I will probably try just green again. Pistols are evil. Had to scale it to reduce ROM some and work on my balance and strength. I’ll get there eventually.

  • Addie B

    Seven Rounds for Time: 14:23
    5 Strict C2B Pullup (2 sets C2B rx, 3 sets blue band)
    10 Roll to candlestick into pistol (s/scaled pistols)
    15 V-Ups
    Cashout: Handstand work

  • Dani Freeman

    I can’t seem to recall my time today…sometime between 20 and 22 minutes…used bands for the C2B, still tough on the last pull even with the bands. Pistols to a 45# plate+ab mat then Michael took my 45# plate away…so a 25# plate+ab mat. Yay 4th floor.

    • Kristen Connor

      Aha! The 4th floor. I bet that was nice. It was a bit of a cluster down on 2 today.

      • Dani Freeman

        ’twas nice…and warm…..

      • Robert Gillespie

        Besides the stifling heat, lack of music and water, and construction the 4th floor is awesome 🙂 I’m sure in time it will be great.

  • reisbaron

    14:20 (black & blue band plus pistol sub)

    Chris gave us a sub that helped me explore more depth than the box, which I’ve been stuck on for two years. Felt great to squat down to a crash pad instead…seems this will help develop full range more than the box.

    Did ten sets of 12-second l-sits (or K-sits? Maybe Florida sits?) between two boxes for a cash out. Solid class.

  • Patrick

    6:10am ewod
    Rx with strict C2B pull-ups: 20:02

  • Russ Kempf

    7:10am ewod 18:11 rx

  • Dan Castillo

    7:10 Experienced
    18:28 (Roll into candlestick then pistol – really need to work on not holding my extended leg during pistols. Another summer goat!). Really fun working on handstands at the end of class.
    EC: Muscle Ups and Kipping HSPUs

  • Kristen Connor

    7:00 with Chris
    12:49, scaled.
    3 unassisted chin-ups per round (5 in the last round)
    Pistols to a 6″ mat for 6 rounds until Chris said they looked too easy, then just an ab mat the last round (much harder, but I should have done those the whole time)
    Regular old sit-ups

  • Will Choi

    7:10 AM with Michael
    13:50 – 3/2 then 2/2/1 on C2B, scaled pistols to knees to 45 plate, slow and steady on the V-ups.
    EC: Handstand practice

  • Edward

    6:10 eWOD with coach Michael. 21:35 rx.

    My tailbone hurts from the candlesticks.

  • Mike C.

    6:10 EWOD w/ Michael
    17:04 – strict C2B w/ a band (started blue, ended green), rest Rx

  • 9am with Sara

    16:09 – plate pistols for the first 4 rounds, then scaled to reduced ROM pistols when my left leg stopped wanting to lift me off the floor. Also still experiencing some ankle mobility issues on that side since the Pig Destroyer incident in January.

    An aside, help me win a t-shirt! If you like BYTWB on Facebook, go to this link and like my comment (Probably all the butts. #butts) and help me win a t-shirt. I am currently in the lead, but I will take whatever help I can get. https://www.facebook.com/beyondthewhiteboard/posts/10152023705326511 THANK YOU CFNYC!

  • Marissa Stephenson

    7:10 ewod: C2B w/blue band, modified pistols, V-ups = 15:41
    Humbled by pistol practice on a whole new CFNYC floor! Upshot: Got my first six or so steps in a handstand walk.
    Special shout-outs to Yoni for the candlestick-into-pistol inspiration, Dan for muscle-up tips, and nimble Coach Michael for the epic handstand walk.

  • reisbaron

    …By the way today’s picture is positively bad ass. Congrats to Sean and the team for once again putting CFNYC on the world stage. You should all be proud of this amazing accomplishment. I said it last year and it’s even more true now. Getting to Regionals is a tougher, more demanding task than getting to the Games just four years ago. Such a proud moment for our gym.

    • Sean M

      I want to to thank everyone who came up to support us. It was really great to see everyone and to hear the cheers even when we weren’t at our best.

  • Yoni R.

    7:10 eWOD with Bultman

    A. 19:46 Rx. Candle stick pistols were fun, but the V ups killed me!
    B. Handstand walking practice. Managed to walk pillar to pillar for the first time, Score!
    AC. MU work

    Loved the new space!

  • Jason W

    15:14 Rx’d

    I hate v-ups.
    Alternated chin up grip every other round.
    If you get butt rashes from sit-ups, these candlestick rolling into pistols will not treat you well either. I recommend that you tape your ass.

    • Vi-An

      Haha!!!!! Love this post

    • AndyK

      I usually get butt-rubs from sit-ups, but for whatever reason do not get any with V-Ups…

      Thanks for the handstand tip this morning of making sure to spread out my fingers

    • Robert Gillespie

      Having a bald head isn’t ideal either.

  • Stacey Pearson

    12:30 w Sarea
    56:25 (Yeah, you read that right.)
    Scaled C2B to strict pull ups and the V-ups to bent leg V-ups.
    That’s more strict pull-ups than I’ve done in my life…combined.

    Special thanks to Strict Stan for hanging back with me. <3

  • AndyK

    6:10 EWOD – 15:15 – Strict C2B, but subbed single leg squats (knee to floor). Still working out the whole pistol mobility thing. Week by week ankles get a tiny bit more flexible.

  • Talia

    8 am UWS with Shannon:
    I lost my one strict pull up I got 2 months ago – boo! That just means I need to come to wod 5 minutes early and practice every time and get it back!

    20:16. used blue bands for first 3.5 rounds then went to green bands for rest.
    Pistols – scaled – I first did it on 18 inch box but Shannon said way too easy. I couldn’t do it at 12 in so… 12 inch plus one ab mat – jackpot! challenging enough but yet attainable.
    16 kg KB sit up
    EC: practiced handstands

  • Daniel Kunitz

    12:30 Ewod
    Didn’t really time the wod.
    Rx with weighted (12kg) strict CTB pull-ups

  • Steve BBQ

    1:00pm with Sully

    Seven rounds:
    5 strict chest-to-bar L pullups
    10 alternating pistols
    15 v-ups


    First time doing pistols without olympic lifting shoes. Holding the ‘L’ position for the pullups started to get tough after the v-ups! Waah.

  • Shannan

    I just wanted to echo Sean and say thanks to everyone who not only came all the way to Boston to support Team CFNYC but also everyone who called, watched the livestream, and sent texts and emails. Your support was much appreciated by each one of us, so thank you!

  • Nicholas Ross

    Warm up: could barely do 3 push-ups thanks to Brian’s tempo thanks for that
    Strict C2B nothing fancy
    One leg on the way down and one leg on the way up for candle stick stuff
    Horribly executed v-ups
    Finished at 17:20

  • ben

    6 pm eWod with Coaches Avery and Brian
    A) 12:57 rx (butterfly CTBs)
    all CTBs unbroken…candlestick thingies into pistols were fine if not a little wobbly…limiting factor was speed on V-Ups…much like push-ups in Cindy, once these go it’s hard to keep moving without resting a few seconds
    B) i think i PR’d my handstand walk distance with a walk of around 65 ish feet. this is probably one of my favorite things to do in life right now.

  • Daniel Larrea

    1730 w/ strict ctb
    Handstand hold / walk practice
    EC: 3×7 Pendlay rows at 115

  • Nicki Osborn

    6pm with Coach Brian
    25:10 with alternating rounds of strict/kipping C2B, candlestick to pistol was actually fun (but turned into just pistols for the last 3 rounds because my tailbone was getting raw…), v-ups are terrible and didn’t help matters so showers are now painful.

  • Merlyne

    8pm EWod w/ Brian and Avery

    31:40. Scaled the Candlestick pistols: down into a pistol, then into the candlestick and attempted to get up. I couldn’t get enough momentum to get up so I counted my attempts. Went about 10 feet in the handstand walk. Got some great tips from Avery and Burt.

  • Vi-An

    8pm experienced wod
    Fun warmup in the sweat box. So hot today!
    A: 20:54 RX
    Strict c2b
    Love pistols so candlestick pistols were pretty fun.
    I suck at v-ups. Needs work
    EC: hs and hs walk practice. Still needs work.

  • Craig Bagno

    3pm with Coach Kevin who had some great pistol advice for me. Pistols are a top three GOAT for me. Did B in 15:14 with C2B, box step ups, and weighted situps at 25#.

  • TheLumberingOx

    8pm exp wod
    A: 28:00 — RX strict c2b, candlesticks were very slow and very uncoordinated…
    EC: HS walks and pendlay rows (3×7 95-115-115)

  • Matt Braunstein

    8pm w/ Brian/Avery Dynamic Duo
    12:43. Strict CTB w/ 8kg kettle bell. Some gnarly looking reps all around.

  • Robert Keeley

    6pm eWoD with Brian
    7 Rounds For Time (Focused on Form)
    5 CTB Strict
    10 Candlestick to pistol (Need more work on these)
    15 V-ups
    Time – 19:31
    Cash out – Handstand Practice