Wednesday 140115

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
Alternating rounds with a partner:
12 min AMRAP: 500 meter row

Rest 2 minutes
4 min AMRAP: 12 deadlifts @bodyweight

Rest 2 minutes
6 min AMRAP: 21 box jumps 24/20

Competition Team WOD:

2k row test

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Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s classes:

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats
For Time
Complete all reps of each exercise before moving to the next.

Competition Team WOD:
Part A. Push Press 1-5-1-10-1-15
Part B. Deadlift 5×2 reps


  • Kyle J Smith

    AM athletes- great job on today’s WOD! & thanks for being our guinea pigs. We’ll go with the structure above moving forward as it most closely imitates the benchmark WOD “Christine.”

    • michael saterman

      So bummed that this was my rest day!

      Again, again!

  • Peter Frelik

    so…two minutes of rest huh Master Reilly? That would have been nice.
    My comeback tour continues! Thanks for the 20 min fitness tornado i feel powerful! MISS YOU TOO SMITHHH

  • BenS

    W/ Dave at 630; combined totals:
    2617m in 10 min
    8 rounds of 12 deadlifts at 185# in 5 min
    5 rounds +3 box jumps at 24″ in 5 min

  • Phoenix

    I was very surprisingly sore from yesterday’s OHS this morning. That sure made the box jumps extra special.

  • AndyK

    Per a post that someone put up yesterday, interesting take on the Kevin Ogar injury –

    • ToddMorris

      I have my first comp in less than a month and it really gives you something to think about.

    • stevenrerickson

      Great article Andy, I think we apply this to our everyday work out as well. I know from recent experience with a lung infection that recharging the battery is crucial. Still trying to make it back to the box on a regular basis after a month but each work out leaves me exhausted for the week again. Taking my time, but beyond that we all need to check our egos a bit at the door, if we are injured we should respect that injury and let it heal, and while we are working out we should always take a moment to look around and see what potential hazards exist and clear them from the area. I thought the spirit of that article was a great example of someone finding solutions instead of placing blame. Such a horrible accident that never needed to happen. Thanks for the post!

      • AndyK

        Get better Steven! We miss you at 6am!

  • Obviously

    Anyone have the link/website to sign up for the Open? First timer here. Thanks.

    • Avery W

      Registration starts the 15th (today). There will certainly be more announcements and updates about the way the Open will run at CFNYC coming in the next few weeks.

  • Maria Sanchez

    tough workout today…for the guy who said he wasn’t tired yesterday, hope this made up for it!
    question for all: on squat and deadlift days i am experiencing slight but bothersome pain at my tailbone (or surrounding muscles). has anyone had the same experience? if so, can you shed some light…
    making appt with chiro also.

  • ToddMorris

    Partnered with Rx Joey
    Row – 12M: 3,313
    DL – 4M @ 185: 112 (9+4, Joey 5 rounds, TBM 4 + 4)
    Box – 6M: 158 (7 +11, Joey 4 Rounds, TBM 3+11)

    Pulling near max for the first 10 pulls and settling in for the rest of the 500 was a good strategy. Each round was an all out effort, which means I was just trying to catch my breath during the rest time. Kept it between 1:40-1:50 the entire time.

    DL – Joey was stronger and quicker on these. His were all unbroken. I broke up the 3rd set: 6, 3, 3 and hit the final 4.

    Box – Neither of us rebounded, though that would have helped with time. Box jumps are box jumps. Just keep moving as fast as possible.

    True to history – I looked at the WOD and thought it would be “easy” and it was quite a gasser. When will i learn. For the DL and Box jumps Joey moved slightly faster than I did which meant he had a longer rest and was able to move quicker, giving me a shorter rest. That is what I deserve for not keeping the same pace. I had a faster 500 row – so he wasn’t faster at everything!

  • Ben

    does 67th street have showers?

    • Raymundo Eulises Olivo

      Not yet

      • Ben

        got it. thanks