Tuesday 130618

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
Run 1 mile, then with a partner, one person working at a time, complete: 200 lunges, 100 toes to bar (#s represent total reps between partners, break up however necessary)

Competition Team WOD:
Part A. Work up to a heavy triple Snatch Deadlift (20 minutes).
Part B1. 3-4 sets: Power Clean+10 front squats, increase load across sets
Part B2. 3-4 sets: Max set of Kipping Toes to Bar, Rest 2 minutes.

Coach Nick writes: “Because of my new job, I have to give up my hours during the week. Here are my loyal 6am and 7am athletes coming out for one last workout with me. It was an awesome morning. So many great people together early in the morning.”

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Coach Nick’s other last class yesterday morning:

Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s classes:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. In 20 minutes, work up to a heavy set of 3 romanian deadlift. Perform 4 sets at 80% of the heavy set.
B. 6 minute AMRAP: 15 wallballs 20/14, 15 american kettlebell swings 1.5/1 pood

Competition Team WOD:

‘Boy meet Girl’ WOD
Teams of 2 that consist of one male and one female.
For Time:
100 Double Unders, 50 each
50 hand stand pushups while buddy holds handstand
50 Toes to Bar while buddy hangs from the bar
50 Pistols while buddy holds a wall squat
50 pushups while buddy holds a plank
100 situps