Wednesday 130320

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
30 min AMRAP: 15 sec. chin-up hold, 15 unbroken DUs/30 unbroken SUs, 15 unbroken pushups — start the set over if you do not maintain unbroken

6 stations, 2 minutes at each station, 2 ROUNDS
Winner: Most reps combined with meters rowed!
Stations: Rower, Wall Balls, Single Arm DB Snatch, Burpees, Pushups, & a Rest Station

Thanks to Jon L. for catching the energy of 13.2 this Saturday:

Four weight training concepts every beginner should understand
We build our own cages
Excellent jumping video
3 success ingredients
My philosophy of intermittent fasting

Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s classes:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A1. Walking Lunge 3×20/side (DB/KB in rack carry); A2. Partner overhead stretch (“prison stretch”) 3×30 sec.

B: 5 sets: 15 no-pushup burpee box jumps (24″/20″) – sets must be under 1 minute, rest as needed between sets

“The Circle of CrossFit”
8 stations all centered around a Central CORE.
Athletes will start at the center where there is a CORE exercise. Once completed, they will sprint to the 1st station and complete a modality, then they will sprint BACK to the CORE station for another exercise. Once the CORE exercise has been completed, it’s a race to the next station until all 8 stations have been completed with a trip after each one into the CORE of the field, finishing with one last CORE exercise.

1st one done–WINS!

Click here for details of “Circle Of CrossFit”


  • Matt L

    Quick question for you all, does anyone have any recommendations for PTs/movement doctors in the city? Have some nagging pain in my triceps during overhead movements that has not gone away so think it is time to see a pro. Any suggestions are appreciated – thanks!

    • Guest

      I had a good experience with Fusion Physical Therapy for a knee injury. e

    • Mike Castaldy

      Matt, I have used Dr. Naresh Rao at Chelsea Sports Medicine for sports injuries. Hope this helps.

    • Andrew

      had a good experience with Fusion physical therapy for a knee injury:

    • disqus_rDmAFsehyY

      Finish Line was the best… great crew there. Just around the corner on 23rd and 6th.

  • Matt L

    Awesome, thanks for the names guys

  • jsg

    Worked out at Brick Crossfit in West Hollywood. Good crew, nice box (although they noted that they are planning to invade our NYC turf soon with an east coast box).

    5 rounds: 2 mins work / 2 mins rest

    12 dumbell snatch – 45#

    12 push ups

    max calorie row

    total socre (total calories rowed) —> 79