The CrossFit Open Is “Spring Testing” For The CrossFit NYC Competition Team

by Coach Avery Wittkamp

The CrossFit NYC Competition Team holds several classes every week to give athletes with a serious interest in CrossFit competition the opportunity to hone the finer points of their game (whether Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, or gymnastics), and to move heavier weights at higher intensities, head to head with other similarly skilled athletes. The goal of the class is to produce a team or individuals that will be competitive at the Local and Regional levels of CrossFit competition (and one day the Games!)

Last year the initial roster was selected from a ranking that was determined by a combination of the 2012 Open results, coaches’ recommendations, and previous competitive experience in and out of CrossFit.

Team selection was based on several criteria which included:

*Athletes were able to complete all or majority of WODs as RX’D, were able to produce data for lifts and benchmark WODs in the past year that reflected their strength and skill levels.

*Previous experience in CrossFit, usually multiple years of experience, or were former high-level competitive athletes in college or after.

*Ability and desire to commit to the programming and training schedule for the season which lasts the entire year.

*Preference given to those areas where the team is most deficient, especially female athletes that can do gymnastics movements RX’D (HSPUs, pull-ups, muscle-ups) and are proficient in the Olympic lifts.

*Overall attitude and desire to compete and be part of a team!

The process this year will not be very different. Every athlete that participates in the 2013 Open and submits a score for every WOD will be considered eligible for team. If you do not submit a score for every WOD you will not be considered eligible for this coming season. This is the first step towards making the commitment to being on the team. If you have been dying to compete or be part of this class, then please make sure all of your WODs are accurately judged and submitted.

A re-ranking of all the athletes in the gym who participate, along with consideration of previous CrossFit experience (i.e. do they complete most WODs RX’D?), desire to train for competitive CrossFit competitions, and coaches’ recommendations and discretion will all be taken into account. After this is reviewed, invitations will be sent out to anyone who has qualified for a spot on the roster. They can then make the decision to accept the class invitation and make a commitment to the training process or continue on with their regular training at CFNYC.

Good Luck in the Open and all questions can be sent to


  • keller

    preference given to people with bangin spotify playlists for me to groove out to at night

    • Hari Singh

      You planning on joining the team?

      • keller

        hahahaha you got me… i will join when brett does a full week of metcons with me

        • Hari Singh

          You will be eligible to join when Avery extends you an invitation.

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