Schedule Changes, Effective Monday, JANUARY 7

–We will add a Wednesday 9:00 AM Indoor Endurance WOD (with Coach Heidi).
–We will add a Wednesday 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM Indoor Endurance WOD (with Coach Kasey).
–We will eliminate the Friday 8:00 AM Black Box WOD.
–We will replace current total of 8 Sunday Beginner and Black Box WODs with 9 “All-Level” WODs.
–Sunday WODs will start every 30 minutes from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM (ending at 1:30 PM) (Coach Brian at HR:30, Coach Jeff at HR:00).
–Our coaches will start hosting their own social events (Start asking them to explain and/or volunteering to help, find venues, etc.).

With these changes:
–The number of All-Level WODs will increase from 0 to 9.
–The number of Beginner WODs will decrease from 94 to 90.
–The number of Black Box WODs will decrease from 104 to 99 per week.
–The number of Endurance WODs will increase from 13 to 16 per week.
–The number of CFNYC Team WODs will remain unchanged at 7 per week.
–The number of total WODs will increase from 218 to 221 per week.