Black Box WODs, CFE WODs: Wednesday 120808

Black Box WODs (check schedule for times & location)
A: Push press 3×3 @ 75%

B: Tug of War Competition

CFE running WODs at 6am, 7am, 8am
Longer than the Quarter/Shorter than the Half! It’s 600m day at the black box.

3X600meters with 2-3 min recovery in between.

Meet at 28th street and remember its FREE to all members and $10 for drop-ins.

Michelle G. writes, “Working on negatives to someday in my lifetime get a strict pullup. I’d like to thank Kris for hoisting me up and not getting a hernia in the process.” 🙂

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Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s Black Box WODs (check schedule for times & location)

A: Front squat 5×2 @ 75#

B: Three sets, not for time, of:
Muscle-Ups x Max Unbroken reps
Strict Handstand Push-Ups x Max Unbroken Reps
L-Sit x Max Hold