Announcing New Post-Elements WOD Classes!

Effective Monday, January 16 (one week from today)

New Post-Elements WOD Classes!
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 4:45 PM, 5:45 PM, 6:45PM, 7:45 PM
44 West 28 St, Second Floor (between Sixth Avenue & Broadway)–the new space

Effective Monday, January 16, we will be adding sixteen new WOD classes per week, geared towards members who have completed Elements in the last four to six months. We have several reasons for adding these classes in these time slots.

The new space at 44 W. 28th St. is not ready to support fully “RX’d” WODs. However, we have already done enough to enable us to move our Beginners and Elements classes into the next Black Box. Given that we have lots of room at the new space, we want to start running some Post-Elements WOD classes over there. These classes will typically be limited to twelve people, and you will need to register in advance (we will have these classes listed in Zen Planner and available for registration by tomorrow). The classes will loosely follow the same programming as our general WOD classes, though using lighter weights (no 45# plates) and substitutions typically used by newer athletes, as well as providing more in-depth reviews of form and technique on the movements in the WOD. Our hope is that by adding these classes, we will be able to provide better coaching for all of our members.

One obvious advantage of adding these WOD classes in the new space is that it will reduce crowding in our current space. In the past, when we offered Post-Elements classes, they proved extremely popular. We don’t know exactly how our membership will divide, which is one reason we have picked these time slots to start fifteen minutes after our busiest all-levels WOD classes.

If the Post-Elements classes fill, we would expect to see about a dozen fewer people in each of the busy evening WOD classes. On the other hand, if these Post-Elements classes do not fill, we want to allow the all-levels WOD class instructor the option of assigning some of the less experienced attendees to head over to 44 28th Street and join the Post-Elements WOD class that will start 15 minutes later. Also, these classes will be an obvious destination for people who arrive late at 26th Street.

Experienced members who may be recovering from an injury, who want to do the WOD at a more moderate pace, or who just find that these new times work better, are welcome to take these classes. We are requiring that people register online, so that we know how full these classes are, before requesting that people shift over from a crowded class on 26th Street.

In sum, we are trying to offer our members better coaching and more flexibility. During this latest growth spurt, and until we have the new Box up and running at full steam over the next few months, we need to innovate. We’re hopeful that this approach will prove effective, and if not, we will adjust accordingly. If you have problems registering online, just post to comments, and we’ll acknowledge your “reservation” and/or provide you with whatever assistance you need to reserve your spot. Next week’s Post-Elements WOD classes will be on the schedule by tomorrow.

Monday 120109

A: Snatch balance – 2 x 3 @ 65%, 3 @ 70%, 2 x 3 @ 75%

B: 20-15-10-5 reps for time:
95#/65# Push Press

UPDATED NOTE: Today’s NYC Endurance running class has been re-scheduled for tonight at 7pm, meeting at the Black Box with Coach Rickey. Our apologies for the late notice! This morning’s NYC Endurance running class starts at 6:30am. Meet at the Black Box, do the workout at Madison Sq Park with Coach Lisa.

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Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s WOD classes:

Jerk – 5 x 3 @ 75%
Back squat – 6 @ 65%, 6 @ 70%, 6 @ 75%, 2 x 5 @ 80%