Hang on

A: Front Lever practice


10 Rounds For Time & Sets of:

3 Weighted Pull-ups, 45#/35#
5 Strict Pull-ups
7 Kipping Pull-up

For weighted pull-ups place a 45#/35# dumbbell between the legs above crossed ankles and jettison the dumbbell after third rep and continue with strict pull-ups and then the kipping pull-ups. Coming off the bar or going to ground constitutes termination of a set then continue where you left off to complete the round.

Post time and number of sets to comments. Sets = # of time you came off the bar. (e.g. 15:20, 18 sets)

Compare to 100626.

NOTE: Tonight’s NYC Endurance running class meets from 6:30-7:30pm. Meet at the Black Box, do the workout at Madison Sq Park.

See you at our 30-Day Paleo Challenge Potluck Kick-Off at our new space (44 W. 28th) on Sat. Jan 7th @ 2pm. (DOWNLOAD the 30-Day Paleo Challenge how-to packet, whether you can make it to the potluck or not.)

70s Big tackles Low-bar vs. high-bar squatting
Weak-willed? There’s an app for that
Citing drug resistance, U.S. restricts more antibiotics for livestock
The shadow knows…
Why ice may be bad for sore muscles
30 things to stop doing to yourself

Jenn T. rocks “Grace” as rx’d in 4:58:

And Jenn’s all smiles afterwards (or beforehand?):

* * * * *

Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s WOD classes:

A: 3-position Snatch – 2 @ 65%, 3 @ 70%

B: Three rounds for time of:
30 Wallball Shots (20#/14#)
20 GHD Sit-ups


  • Court Wing

    Addendum to today’s WOD: total number of rounds is 10 for time.

  • Anonymous

    fixed it.

  • Anonymous
  • Kayam

    Thanks for the post on the high-bar vs low-bar squat. That article had another link to 70sbig’s take on Crossfit. 

    I don’t really want to start a discussion here about the pros and cons of CF, but one line in the article struck me, since it crystallized something I’ve been wondering as a beginner Crossfiter – that Crossfit is a sport, not a training program, and in order to be a better Crossfiter you might need to supplement your WODs with additional strength or conditioning work. In other words, just doing the WODs might not be enough to become a better Crossfiter.

    Far be it from me to second guess the programming here, so I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts on this, particularly in the context of the programming here at the BlackBox, which it seems to me includes a lot of strength training work.

    I have ZERO background in strength training so any perspectives would be helpful.

    • Hari

      Is hitting a tennis ball a sport or a training program? It can be either or both.
      Is Back Squat 5×5 a WOD or is it supplemental strength training? It too can be either or both.

      The Main Site has long designated “The WOD” as being either ME (Maximum Effort) (i.e., strength) or Metabolic Conditioning. However, there is nothing sacred about making this an either/or choice.

      When we do both ME or sub ME work plus a METCON work, we have lapsed into referring to the METCON as the “WOD,” but really, there is nothing special about this distinction.

      If you refer to only METCON’s as WOD’s, then there is no question that you need to do supplemental ME work to be CrossFit.

    • Anonymous

      Minutes after Mikko Salo won the Games in ’09, they asked him what he did to train.  His answer was exclusively main site Crossfit programming.  If the world’s fittest human can get to the top of the podium without supplemental anything, I guess there’s your answer on the “sport” aspect of it.

      If by “training program” you mean a general  physical preparedness program, I can honestly say that I’ve become thinner, MUCH stronger, healthier, and far better at Crossfit by just doing Crossfit.  Aside from mobility and occasional pushups at home, I do zero supplemental anything outside of the Black Box programming.  And before last summer our programming was exclusively main site, which has even less strength training than we do now.  But after around 275 WODs every aspect of my life benefits from my increased strength and work capacity.  Not just Crossfitting, but life in general.

      • Emerson

        Didn’t the journal show some of Mikko’s training prior to the games and he was doing 2 or 3 workouts a day? That’s not really exclusively main site training.

        • Anonymous

          Not the year he won.  He has since done his own programming (which includes multiple WODs daily), but you can watch the ’09 games on the journal…this is where he mentions main site as his exclusive training for that year’s Games.

          • Mike

            Well I’m sure he did the main site, and I’m sure he did a lot of other stuff too.  Then again, the main site in late 08/early 09 was very different then it is now too.

            RE: Kayam – at this point it sounds like just showing up consistently will make you better at Crossfit.

            Getting stronger, more mobile, and moving more efficiently actually make it much easier to increase your capacity for metcons and get more out of them then just doing as much as you can as fast as you can everyday.

      • Michael North

        Life in general including cartwheels…

        • Anonymous

          …and by “including” you mean “except”…

  • Anonymous

    A: I suck at pull-ups
    B: 1-3-5 rep scheme, 25lb kettlebell
    22:14, stopped counting sets at 25

  • bearded man

    Alzheimer moment doing 5/3/1 dead lifts. The bar was just slipping out of my hands, couldn’t hang on to it. Sara-“well maybe you want to try the mix grip”, which is the only way I have ever done dead lifts. Looks like I will be the guy wandering around lost in the woods, but at least I will be a strong lost old guy…

    • Mike K

      Looks like you finally got strong enough to have a grip problem.  There could be worse things.

      When you say “the only way you have done deads” I assume you mean without a mixed grip?  In my opinion you should never mix your grip while strength training until you absolutely need to. 

      • bearded man

        sorry if that was confusing, I have only used mixed grip for DL’s. This morning the mixed grip idea simply evaporated. I was using straight grip and it was impossible to hold on to 300+lbs. When Sara said I might try the mixed grip, I was like, oh, I totally forgot, I am a complete idiot.

      • Anonymous

        which Mike is this – there’s about 100 guys at the gym with your name…its kind of anonymous 🙂

        • Mike K

          Haha, sorry, they are Mike K… trainer Mike.  For some reason Disqus changed my name

          • Mike K

            and apparently it continues to change it.  Kinda weird

          • Anonymous

            Trainers count reps, coaches perfect movement. You can be Coach Mike K

          • Mike K

            good point… not sure why I still use the 2 interchangably sometimes…

  • Anonymous

    So basically I find it impossible to avoid vegetable oils when I go out to eat in NYC. Most restaurants, even healthy ones, seem to be behind the curve. How much damage am I doing?

    • Sara

      Not as much as being a Sandy V and not coming to the gym…. just sayin.  

      • Anonymous

        IJGFM. Mahalo!

      • Anonymous

        P.S. Rejoining the metcon world tomorrow. Strength has started and ended.

    • Enough damage that you should be motivated to man up and start cooking your own meals more often…  😉

      Remember, restaurants want to please your taste buds, not nourish your body–and they want to do so as cheaply as possible.  If you must eat out at these places on occasion, at the very least do not order anything deep-fried.  Try to find something steamed or cooked in butter (or ask if they’ll use butter at your request.)

      If you have any restaurants that you’re on good terms with, consider striking up a conversation with them about possibly switching to traditional, healthy cooking fats such as butter, clarified butter, virgin coconut oil, beef tallow, lard, etc… for at least some of their menu offerings.

      Lastly, seek out restaurants that eschew industrial seed oils (so-called “vegetable oils”) in favor of traditional cooking fats. GreenSquare Tavern (near the gym at 5 W 21st St) cooks with traditional fats and even fries their french fries and sweet-potato fries in lard: http://www.yelp.com/biz/greensquare-tavern-new-york.

      • Anonymous

        I know, I know. I need to cook my own food. I emailed the corporate catering services about the oils and they’re going to try and find healthier alternatives. I’m trying to do salad for lunch, but need to verify how they cook the proteins (grilled salmons, shrimps, and steak).

  • Anonymous

    Scaled to (both with 2.5″ band):
    5 Strict – 7 Kipping
    10 Rounds – 25 sets 

    Great to be back!

    • Wayne

      Missed you! See you soon.

  • Erika Ramos

    ohhhhhh this one was hard but great for my strict pullup training.

    10 rounds of 5 light banded strict and 7 kipping (or heavy banded strict)

    I used the blue and orange bands for my 5 strict pullups and kipped for the first 4.5 rounds and then switched to a blue and red band for the 7 heavy banded strict. that was tough too so i switched to the green band on round 7.


  • 40:35 Rx’d
    Arms are jello, hands are ground beef. #paleo

    • oh boy – this scares me a little about my chances tonight…
      how many rounds did it take you or did that become irrelevant at some point?

      • Akash,
        It is 10 Rounds for time and I only did 2 sets unbroken. I think I had to drop from the bar around 17 times during the other 8 rounds.

  • Jeff

    Regarding the low-bar vs. high-bar debate, why not try both of them at the same time in a sort of awesome combination hybrid super-squat so as to glean the best of both worlds?  

    Your lifting coaches will appreciate your ambitious and innovative nature.

    • Mike

      That will never work unless you are balancing on a keg….

      • Brett_nyc

        It will if your accessory work includes lots of overhead pistols on top of KB handles 

        • Mike K

          And maybe some leg presses with the bar on a smith machine while you are holding a handstand.
          Yes, there is actually a video of that on youtube somewhere

          • Sean M.

            I prefer the handstand walk prowler push…

          • keller

            nerd train in full steam tonight

  • jenntang

    Yesterday’s WOD:

    I apparently can’t do math, so I went heavier on the sets:
    3-pos Cleans: 2@93# (70%), 3@113# (85%)
    Front squat: 8@93# (60%), 6@113# (70%), 5@118# (75%), 3@123# (80%),

    Neck/shoulder is feeling sore so decided on an active rest day and ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes this morning. Forgot how unbelievably boring it is to run on a treadmill.

    Also, that second photo was before Grace. I think I was
    politely waiting for Eric to go away so I can do my warmup. I was happy with my
    time so I was probably still smiling afterward, just… sweatier.

  • Michael North


    10 rounds
    1 weighted 10#
    3 strict (became 3×1 after a few rounds)
    7 kipping (with green band, unbroken other than 2 rounds)

    Came off the bar 50 times…

  • Anonymous

    20:28  rx’d

    • Damn, really strong time….

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Mike Tyson Pull Ups: 14, 12, 10, 10, 8

    • Anonymous

      does that mean you tatoo your face before you do the pull ups?  Or did you bite Sara’s ear?

  • Anonymous

    Mobility WOD day 5

    Mike Tyson pull-ups 10-8-6-4-4

    Wendler deadlift 270(3)-310(3)-345(8)

  • Hari

    I see nothing in the NYT article actually supports the title’s
    claim that icing “may be bad for sore muscles.” At best, the underlying
    research may support the position that icing “significantly
    reduced muscle strength and power for up to fifteen minutes after the icing had

    What this means is that you
    are not likely to set a PR on “Fran” immediately after icing. But arguing that
    icing may be “bad” for muscles because it may temporary reduce athletic
    performance is as absurd as saying that eating food is bad for muscles because
    athletic performance may be reduced during the first fifteen minutes after finishing
    a meal.

  • The_Lisa

    I highly recommend doing a session with Brian D. to work on any issues you have with your lifts. I had a private session today to work on cleans and learned a lot.

    • Anonymous

      I second that. I watched him help Coach Will and Boston Matt and feel like I PRd just listening. How could you go wrong spending time with a dude who power cleaned 225# without warming up?

  • At a bodyweight of a buck sixty-five no less?

  • Nothing hotter than weightlifting nerds…

  • Disqus won’t let my comments be in reply mode.  Grrrrr….

  • Matthewtolliver

    5,3,1 hang on 24.50, 1,2,3 red

  • 35:45 RX, 35 sets

  • Sam G.

    5/3/1 deload bench
    5 at 95
    5 at 120
    5 at 145

    5 by 3 front squat at 235

    3 by 10 KB rows 2 pood
    3 by 20 pushups with 1 minute of rest between sets, didn’t break anything up

    stair climbs (7th fl) skipping with 20lb vest 41 seconds beat last time by 1 sec
    stair climbs  (7th fl) skipping with no vest 35 seconds

  • Zoe

    25 something. Did 1st round with Rx’d reps, then decided it was a bad idea. Scaled to 1,3,5 of 10# weighted, strict, kipping, 22 sets. My hands didn’t tear till the 8th round, so I decided to finish, but that might have been a mistake…

  • mike n.

    31:01 15#  51 sets