Calling all runners

CrossFit NYC is pleased to announce that NYC Endurance will be providing 5 training sessions a week starting TODAY (schedule below) and is free to all CFNYC members.

NYC Endurance follows the Crossfit Endurance approach to training, focusing on efficient running form and technique [PDF file]. This approach is open to everyone, whether you are new to running or are a seasoned runner looking to improve your WOD and race times.

Each hour-long session will consist of a structured warm-up, skills and drills practice, then the workout itself. Workouts will generally be short distance/high intensity intervals but they will also program in tempo runs and time trials. The sessions will be held outside, so come dressed for the weather and bring a watch with stopwatch function if you have one.

Contact the coaches at NYC Endurance if you have any questions – email and the coaches will respond.

Here’s the schedule:

Monday mornings, 6:30-7:30am: Meet at the Black Box, do the workout at Madison Square Park with Coach Rickey.
Tuesday evenings, 6:30-7:30pm: The Mall at Central Park (at south end, opposite the fountain/band shell area) with Coach Brian/Lisa/Martin.
Wednesday mornings, 6:30-7:30am: Meet at the Black Box, do the workout at Madison Square Park with Coach Lisa/Avery.
Thursday evenings, 6:30-7:30pm: Meet at the Black Box, do the workout at Madison Square Park with Coach Brian.
Saturday mornings, 9:00-10:00am: Meeting place might vary and coach should post the location earlier in the week. There are many places to hold the workouts: the West Side Highway, the track on East 9th St and the FDR. With Coach Rickey/Lisa/Brian.

* * * * *

Monday 111205

A. Front squat 1-1-1-1-1 @ 85% of your 1 rep max

B. Complete 20-15-10-5 reps of the following:
tuck jumps
95#/65# press

Post time to comments.

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In the running photo above we see long-time Black Box member (and NYC Endurance guy) Tim B. Here’s what he told me about his latest marathon experience: “Crossfit Endurance helped me defeat the NYC Marathon with a 19 min PR over my last, easier marathon. With training around 8 hours a week I was very happy with a 3:51:32.” Below we see him on his wedding day with his wife Laura, revealing his secret identity… 😉

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s WOD classes:

A. Plank holds

B. “Chunky Style” (Compare to 110921.)

As Many Rounds As Possible in 12 Minutes of:
10 95#/65# Squat Cleans (Post Elements: 75#/53#)
10 Ring Dips (Post Elements: Bar Dips)


  • Anonymous

    A: 185/205/225/230

    B: 6:18 Rx’d

  • Justin Katz

    A: 145-145-145-145-145
    B: 5:15 65#

  • Matt M.

    A. 235-245-265-285-300(F)
    B. 6:47 Rx’d

  • Anonymous

    A: 205-225-205-205-205
    B: 7:14 Rx’d

  • Jamie F.

    Wendler Recovery Sets: Squat
    5 Reps @ 115 LBS
    5 Reps @ 145 LBS
    5 Reps @ 165 LBS

    9:57 RX’d.  Damn that hurt!

  • 5:07 65#

  • Anonymous

    Tim you are a beast…well done on the marathon!

    Diane (21-15-9 Deadlifts 225# + HSPU)11:23
    Scaled HSPU with 45+25 plates.

  • Andy g

    531 Squats

    • Anonymous

      Man! 531 squats is some serious volume! Nice work…but you didnt list 504 of them.  Were those just with the bar?

      • keller

        haha… 5-3-1 is jim wendler’s program… not 531, which definitely would be some serious volume!!

        • Anonymous

          Just ribbing Andy a bit…forgot my wink smiley 😉

          • keller

            oh i see what you did there 😉

            also urban dictionary confirms the sole existance of a winkey face is to flirt

          • Anonymous

            I’ll accept that if we can perhaps have them re-define the Clean Drop.

          • keller

            hahahaha… oh man looking up lifting terms on urban dictionary is going to be an all day activity now.

  • A. 185, 185, 205, 215, 205. Went a little heavier than 85% (190ish)
    B. 9:14 Rx’d. Those presses got heavy very quickly.

  • 10:18

    happy to say i RX’d it.

    Ryan made me =) thx buddy!!

    • Anonymous

      You’re a beast!! Nice job 🙂

      • the only reason i got through it is cuz you got me through it- you’re a great coach…=)

  • Jason W

    A: 205-225-225-235-245

    B: 6:00 rx’d

    totally screwed myself this morning. first day back on the metcons  after being under the weather for the past week and a half. sped out of the gate too fast. didn’t stick to the game plan. was supposed to go (12-8)(8-7)(6-4)(5). Instead, i went (15-5)(5-3-3-3-1)(3-2-2-2-1)(1-1-1-1-1). sigh. stay on target. . . .stay on target . . .

  • Kevin

    Nice work Kelly!!

  • Anonymous

    First week of Wendler

    5 @ 245
    5 @ 280
    5 @ 317

    Then I subbed hang power cleans (135#) for press…still trying to get the shoulder back to 100%

  • 9:43 rx’d

  • Asegal04

    Did not know my one rep max for front squats, stayeed at 175 all 5 sets. 

    Today’s Wod:
    5:30 RX’d

  • Daniel K

    front squats: 185/205/215/215/205

    WOD: 9:55 rx’d

  • Jeff

    “Is it an uncomfortable place to be when you push yourself as hard as you possibly can? Well, those of you who are avoiding the gym already know the answer to that question. It’s why you are home watching Glee and not getting your FIT on at One World…….”

    Is that too long to put on a t-shirt?

    • No, that’s why there’s an option to change the font size 🙂 Or you could just paraphrase it and say: “I do Crossfit, you watch Glee”

    • Erika Ramos

      wait.. i crossfit and watch glee. 

      • Anonymous

        We all have weaknesses we need to work on Erika.  You’ll get there…

  • Zoe

    A. 93-103-103-113-113
    B. 9:46 w/ 53#. Those presses get tough real quick. Ended up doing singles by the end. 
    Kelly, awesome job doing that Rx’d!

  • Jim S

    A: No rack so I did squat cleans: 155, 165, 170, 170, 170, 165, 165
    B: 75# 9:14

  • The_Lisa

    A: all at 105
    B: 7:38 with 54# and it was rough.

  • Steve Lynch

    First day back after some extra rest, felt great, but the weight said otherwise.
    Squat 320# – failed on third rep of the first set and decided to back off for today
    205# – 8 sets of 2 reps performed as quickly as possible with 30 seconds between sets
    Bench – worked to find a 1RM – best was 245#, failed 250# twice
    Pullups 15, 13, 13
    Weighted box jumps 45# – 26-30″ – 2 reps 8 sets with 15 seconds between sets. 

  • Jason L

    Front Squat 295-305-315 didn’t have time to do any more, I think I had another 5-10#

    Metcon: subbed box jumps (24″) and push press (135#) – 6:10

    4×4 bulgarian split squat (each leg) @ 2pd per hand

    5×10 strict toes to bar

    • Brett_nyc

      Strong work Jason

  • mike n.

    85# 9:08.  right after the SU/MU WOD from the previous day, 7:03 rx’d

  • Mtdunne

    I left a jcrew bag in one of the cubbies near the ghds. If anyone finds it please put it behind the front desk, I’ll pick it up tmr morning.

  • Sam G.

    5/3/1 Deload Press

    5 at 65
    5 at 85
    5 at 95

    Pull ups
    11-10-10 two rep PR, using the stretch reflex helped a lot at the bottom. 

    Back X 25 lbs

    Jumps 2 x8 15 seconds of rest

    24 inch box with two 25lb plates from seated position. 

    • Courtney S

      One-half of one pull-up with a 45 lb. weight vest.

  • Jay

    135, 155, 175, 185, 195
    6:52 @ 65#

  • Jo W

    95-105-115 x 3
    5:50 (was 5:40 something, but I can’t remember what!!) with 53#

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