Walk the walk

IMPORTANT REMINDER! CrossFit NYC is proud to host Paul Jaminet, Ph.D., co-author of Perfect Health Diet: Four Steps to Renewed Health, Youthful Vitality, and Long Life, for a two and a half hour lecture/workshop on Saturday November 19th at noon.

To learn more about Jaminet’s talk, please click here.

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Thursday 111117

Press 5-5-5 @ 70% of 1 rep max

Max distance handstand walk (or handstand progressions as needed)
Max time L-sit (or L-sit progressions as needed)

Things to worry about after you have a 1000# Crossfit Total, a sub-3-min “Fran,” and a sub-35-min “Murph”
Seasonal eats: roasted squash seeds
Sports and child development (via)
Developing the right habits for good times and bad
Processed foods: trick or treat?
Proper ‘clam shell’ performance (video)

From Cassie: “I did the Prospect Park Sprint Duathlon this past Sunday and had a blast! I was quite anxious going in but in the end it was so exciting to be in a race that had multiple sports involved. The sprint distance was a 2 mile run, 10 mile bike ride, followed by a 2 mile run and I completed the race in an hour and 15 minutes. I think the race made me realize that I’m stronger than I think I am and I owe this to Crossfit for sure, I think I’ve felt more nauseated during “Fran” than at any given point in this race. I will definitely be doing another one of these and going for a longer distance the next time around. Thanks to my fans (Dickie and Willy) for cheering me on at the end!”

Thanks to Dickie for taking this video. Please send your stories of athletic triumph in for blog-posting to allison AT crossfitnyc DOT com!

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Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s WOD classes:

Clean 5-5-5 @ 70% of 1 rep max

“Skinny Fran”
For time, complete 21-15-9 reps of:
thrusters with a 45#/33# barbell