Break out the loin cloth

IMPORTANT REMINDER! CrossFit NYC is proud to host Paul Jaminet, Ph.D., co-author of Perfect Health Diet: Four Steps to Renewed Health, Youthful Vitality, and Long Life, for a two and a half hour lecture/workshop on Saturday November 19th at noon in our 4th-floor annex (regular class schedule will not be affected). (CFNYC member and paleo blogger John Durant is co-sponsoring Paul’s visit.)

To learn more about Jaminet’s talk, please click here.

The event is $15 and is open to the general public. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

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Coach Josh with part 2 of why you should work out like a caveman:

Paleo Fitness, Pt. 2 from Joshua Newman on Vimeo.

Tuesday 111115

Mobility work

10 rounds of:
1 minute, as many rounds as possible, of “Cindy” (i.e., 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats)
1 minute of rest

When resuming the work each time, pick up from where you left off the last time. Post rounds to comments.

The one-arm press
How to stretch on the go
A mobile oasis in a food desert
Skateboarding inside NYC subway cars (video)
It’s always tagine o’clock in Morocco
70s Big on the RDL

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s WOD classes:

Back squat 5-5-5 @ 70% of your 1 rep max

For time:
500m Row
40 Squats
30 Situps
20 Pushups
10 Pullups


  • Matt M.

    12 rds plus 2 push ups with 20lb vest

    • Anonymous

      Not gonna lie. That was hot.

  • Justin Katz

    9 Rounds + 2 pull-ups

  • Andy G

    A: Bench press 125# 10×5 B: 11rds +3 pushups. Pushups totally sucked, can’t really figure out what happened there…

    • Anonymous

      A>Bench + B>Cindy = C>ant figure it out

      Yep, I think your math is sound here…

  • Anonymous

    12 rounds plus 8 push ups (green band pull ups)

    Matt you are a beast

  • Ksjusino

    13 rds +3 pull ups

    • Kristie

      me too!  Sarah, Will, teach me how to do the slinky! 

  • Anonymous

    18 rounds +5 pull ups +5 Push Ups + 2 double Espressos this am.

    • Anonymous

      Teach me how to do pull-ups like you.

      • Anonymous

        7 years of Navy Seal Boot Camps + lots of Coffee + have Sara & Will yell at you occasionally = Pull ups!

        • Anonymous

          it also helps if you wear some underware thats a couple sizes too small. 

          • Anonymous

            Oh my!

        • Rory

          walston would be proud

  • 14 rounds + 1 pullup

  • Anonymous

    10 rounds plus 5 pull-ups.

    I love me some deep, deep flexion.

  • Anonymous

    7 Rds + 1 Pushup

    WOD debut on the black band (2″ ?), but I’m at least 20% more excited about Trader Joe’s getting the macadamias back in…just sayin…

    Happy Birthday Jamie!

    • Jamie F.

      Thanks Reis!

  • Jamie F.

    14 Rounds + 5 Pull-Ups + 5 Push-Ups

    Gotta hit that Birthday Chipper this week Sara.  Can you e-mail it to me or post it?

    • Anonymous

      Get into deep flexion.

  • Erika Ramos

    10 rounds + 5 pullups (green band, kipped them all) + 6 pushups (scaled w the box)

    today was fun!

  • BenS

    12 rounds even.

  • Mike A

    11 rounds even (regular pullups)

  • Hey everyone, just wanted to personally put the word out for why you should attend the Paul Jaminet talk on Saturday.  Jaminet’s book is well written and based on that I’m quite convinced that his talk will be excellent.  You do not need to have read his book to be able to get plenty from his talk.

    Nutrition and recovery are often CrossFitters’ second priority, after getting better at CrossFit but a huge part of how we get stronger and fitter is by smart nutrition and recovery.  Plus you feel less beat-up and enjoy life more because you get more bang for your buck out of the training we do.

    So please go ahead and pre-register now for the talk, I’ll be proud to see just as many CFNYCers there, not just Paleo Meet-up folks (who are registering through our co-sponsor, John Durant).


  • Kameron

    14 rounds even. I don’t recommend hot wings and beer the night before WODing. MNF….what are you gonna do?

    • Kam–hot wings and beer?–sounds like you should come to the nutrition talk!  ; )

  • Brett_nyc

    CFFB last night

    Squats @ 410lbs 5,2,0  First set felt really good, but hit a wall. Hockey the night before didn’t help things either
    Press @ 180lbs. 3×5 These were fast and clean 

    Then some 42″ box jumps and sprints outside. 

  • Anonymous

    11 rounds + 5 pushups … hung a band up but didn’t use it…no weightvest either

  • Jason W

    19 rounds + 5 pull-ups + 3 pushups

    i guess 7 pushups and 15 squats short of a 100/200/300 == deload week!

    • Jason W

      btw, that was also 7 pushups and 15 squats short of jamie’s birthday wish of 20 rounds for me. sorry dude, but happy birthday!

      • Jamie F.

        It’s cool, good work Jason.  Always setting the gold standard.  More importantly … Supple Leopard Shirts Tomorrow!  Thanks Man.  It’s awesome!

  • Anonymous

    If anyone wants to do “Jamie” for his birthday…yeah…

    15 T2B
    2 Muscle Ups
    15 HSPU
    2 Muscle Ups
    15 Thrusters (30# DBs)
    2 Muscle Ups
    15 GHD Sit Ups
    2 Muscle Ups
    15 C2B
    2 Muscle Ups
    30 Burpees

    • Jamie F.

      I’ll be doing this before week’s end for sure.

      P.S. Will can someone post exactly when the NYC Endurance running classes will be?

      • Jason L

        cashout for our Hero WOD this week

        • Jamie F.


  • Kev P

    Wait, how old is Jamie?!

    • Anonymous

      The answer is in the burpees…

      • Jamie F.

        The answer is always in the Burpees.

  • Rory

    12 rounds + 2 pullups

  • Naveen

    13 + 13

  • Sara

    15 rounds 

  • Ari Bragi Karason

    20 rounds + 5pull 10push 4squats

  • Peter

    15 rounds and 10 squats- so close to 16!!

  • Sam G.

    5/3/1 Press

    5 at 108
    5 at 125
    11 at 142 up 1 rep and 4 lbs

    1 press at 185 felt semi heavy, had Sean watch my legs SEAN APPROVED!

    Chins just won’t level out

    12-9-7 plenty of rest might try 7 minutes now

    5-5-5 Kneeling jumps first set no weight second on a 10lb plate last on a 25lb plate. 

    • Steve Lynch

      semi heavy?!

  • drake

    14 rounds plus 5 pullups and 10 pushups.

  • Asegal04

    15 rounds + 5pu + 10 pushups

  • Eric

    13 full rounds plus 3 pullups

  • 9 rounds + 5 pullups.
    Pullups = jumping
    Pushups = at knees

  • Jai

    I created a more specific version of Cindy for Beyond the White Board that I called Stuttering Cindy if anyone prefers to use that.

    • Anonymous


      I originally entered the workout this way, but I realized that there was no way to define the ongoing counting of round reps that spilled over into future minutes of work.  Each minute of work (with rare exception for most athletes) had either more or less than 5/10/15, so using the fixed system of BTWB you can’t account for this dynamic rep change, without being allowed the ability to define ten separate 1-minute amraps within the same WOD, with an aggregate total at the end.

      I emailed support about it because I really wanted this one to stand apart from people’s other Cindy results, but alas they said we might as well post it as Cindy.  here’s what they had to say:

      “I would say that since after each rest period you are continuing where you left off in the minute before that you could just post to Cindy. You are doing the workout, you are just forcing everybody to rest even if they wouldn’t normally.  Now on the other hand if you where starting over each new minute then you would have to make a new workout because your result would be ten mini AMRAPs. You can mark the results as not prescribed if you feel like it.”

      We tried…

  • Steve Slo

    10 rounds, 5 pullups, and 5 pushups.

  • 21 Rounds RX

  • chris f

    12 rounds, 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 5 squats