Too big to fail

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Wednesday 111019

Deadlift 3-3-3
Front squat 3-3-3
Hang squat clean 3-3-3
Split Jerk 3-3-3

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Here’s a preview of Thursday’s WOD:

A: Snatch 2-2-2-2

B: Three rounds for time of:
35 Double-unders
25 Thrusters 95/65 lbs (Post Elements: 75/53 lbs)
15 Pull-ups

Post time to comments.


  • keller

    reis just to clarify my post wasn’t to discourage you from going heavy – just to educate that deadlifts are very taxing and to go 90+% for 9 reps should require a significant break from deadlifting to recover.

    • Anonymous

      Keller thanks for that…moot as it turned out to be for today, since my back decided to ramp up the pain factor late last night and took me out of DLs altogether this morning.  Had I not done them on Monday I would have likely just gone 90%+ in the last set as it was.  There’s always next time…

  • Michael C

    95-115-125(fail 3rd rep)

  • Kawasaki-san


  • Anonymous

    Front Squats
    225 – 245 – 275* (PR for triples by 10#)

    A frustrating morning.  I had more sense a couple weeks back when I sat out the Total due to fatigue, and as glorious as PRs can be I know if I came in fresh today the above number would be higher. I stopped after front squats and shot the shit with Sully for time (another PR!).

    Should have rested…tomorrow’s Jumping Thrusting Fran looks fun.

    • Anonymous

      Just realized how lame this sounds when the 7:00ers said so many nice things to start the class.  I appreciate your kind words…the above is solely about the workout…I’m truly humbled by your compliments.

  • Dickie

    Greetings, again, from CrossFit Alfa in Mexico City.

    Today was my first time tangoing with Eva; many experienced CrossFitters had told me how awful this workout is, so I scaled (perhaps a bit too much):

    Kettlebell Swings: 1 pood
    Pull-Ups: green band

    I managed to do all 5 rounds of the swings unbroken, which surprised me, so I’ll definitely up to 1.5 pood next time.

    Off to Los Angeles tonight…

  • Anonymous

    front squat: 145-160-180 (previous 1RM, 175)
    deadlift: 245-265-275 (previous 1RM, 270)
    hang clean: 95-115-125F (1RM, 117)
    split jerk: 115-125-135F (previous 1RM, 117)

  • Jeff B.

    Font Squat:225, 225, 205
    Deadlift: 315, 275, 275Hang Clean: 155, 165, 155
    Split Squats: 135, 145, 155

    and one hot new “Too Big to Fail” T….

  • Kate J

    Thanks for the early birthday gift, Sara! (And to Jenna and Christine for sucking through it with me!! Y’all are superstars. I’m looking forward to Jenna’s 25th birthday WOD.)
    32 goblet squats, 32 burpees: 5:14
    Man, I hate burpees.

    Also, thanks for the trip down memory lane with the early ’00s music this morning. I was about to bust out the test tube shot glass rack.

    Tracy did her birthday WOD today too…

  • Jason L

    Snatch work up to 155#

    Split Jerk x3 205-215-225
    Front Squat x3 245-265-275

    5 rounds for time:
    500m row
    25 double-unders

  • Paul B.

    DL: 225,245,265
    FS: 155,175,185(failed on 2nd)
    SC: 115,135,135
    SJ:  95,115,120

  • John Landers

    DL: 275-315-335
    FS: 185-225-245
    HSC: 135-155-155
    SJ: 95-135-155

  • Emerson Hoff

    DL: 335
    FS: 185 (failed on 3rd rep of 195)
    HC: 155
    SJ: 135

  • Steve Slo

    DLx3: 225 – 275 – 295

    FSx3: 135 – 155 – 185HPCx3:135 – 155 – 175 (2 reps + 1 failed rep)
    SJx3: 135 – 135 – 135

    OK… So here’s a question… I’ve noticed that with the deadlift in particular, every added rep causes my power output to drop beyond what I think is considered normal. 

    1rep max = 355 (100%)
    3rep max = 295 (80%) (as opposed to 90%)
    5rep max = 255 (70%) (as opposed to 85%)

    I’d prefer the drop-off curve to be a little less steep. Is the answer to just focus more on higher rep schemes? Any insight would be appreciated.

  • Back Squats @ 295#: 2 (fail on 3rd rep), 5, 5

    Bench Press @ 200#: 5, 4, 4 

  • Eric

    Deadliftx3: 315, 365, 385 (had to reset after each rep)
    Front squatx3: 165, 185, 205 F (2)
    Hang squat cleanx3: 135, 155, 175 F (1), 175 F (2)
    We did not get to the split jerk…

    Good job Dex and Carlos! 

  • Phil Jonat

    active rest day – deadlifts only

    DL: 315, 345, 365 then 1 rep at 385

  • David T.

    DL: 275, 295, 315
    FS: 225, 235, 245
    HCl: 155, 175, 185
    SJ: 135, 155, 185