Amber Rodriguez Membership

Amber began exploring the idea of fitness later than most by fumbling around in Spin classes and step aerobics. In 2012, CrossFit NYC put a barbell in her hands, and the rest was history. She became enamored with weightlifting (and learned to tolerate cardio), and a year later, joined the CFNYC Reception Team.

The extent of Amber’s love for lifting is matched only by her nerdery. She has a folder of GIF and meme responses for every occasion, and will talk your ear off about video games and awful dystopian YA novels. Don’t get her started.

Now, she’s lucky enough to call herself the manager of an incredible team of Receptionists/Super-Heroes. She’s also the “Membership Lady,” whose favor can be easily won with chocolate chip cookies. Word to the wise.

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  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer