Alan Shaw Coach

Alan has been a fighter from the moment he was born. Battling life threatening birth defects, if you’d ask his mom about Alan’s birth, she’d say he was lucky to be alive.

Alan grew up in Southern Indiana on a farm that was located above his family’s limestone quarry. Most of his days were spent exploring quarry caverns, jumping on hay bales, and riding his prized ATV in the woods. Although he was an active kid, Alan wasn’t the healthiest eater and spent most of his childhood overweight since fast food chains and sweets were his favorite. His bad eating habits continued throughout his teens and early twenties. It wasn’t until Alan moved to NYC to pursue acting, that he decided to make a change and take control of his life. He started eating better, went to the gym, became a runner and was introduced to yoga. While keeping active and improving his diet was a huge step forward, he couldn’t find a routine that consistently produced the body composition and fitness results he really wanted.

That changed in a matter of weeks when on a whim in 2014, he signed up for a Free Intro class at CrossFit NYC. Alan hasn’t stepped into a traditional gym since. The CrossFit methodology of constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity matched with the incredible positive, community driven environment became his favorite hour of the day. His body transformed at an incredible rate along with a surprising increase in mental toughness which made a positive impact in his day to day life.

CrossFit has led Alan to a career in coaching after working on Broadway for many years. A perpetual student, Alan continues to expand his knowledge while helping others with their own individual fitness journeys. For questions or personal training inquiries, please contact Alan at

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  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • CrossFit NYC Coaching Mentorship Program (Completed 2016)
  • CrossFit Specialty Course: Kids
  • CrossFit Specialty Course: Weightlifting Level One
  • CrossFit Specialty Course: Aerobic Capacity
  • CrossFit Specialty Course: Scaling
  • CrossFit Specialty Course: Strongman
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer
  • Ben Bergeron Immersion Course