Workout of the Day

The purpose of this exercise is to teach balance and positioning for the jerk behind the head. You must be balanced in your split position to properly push press the weight into the overhead position. After the push press, a jerk is performed to reinforce the same balance required for the landing position of the split jerk.

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Tuesday 140930 - Competition

Warm up C

A. Paused Power Snatch: Pause at BTK position for 2 counts, working up to a heavy single as technique allows.

B. Drop 10-30# from heaviest single and perform 3×3 Power Snatch

C. BTN Snatch Grip Push Press 5×3 reps

D. For time:
Row 1,000m
30 Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead
Row 750m
25 Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead
Row 500m
20 Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead