Workout of the Day

This Week's Olympic Weightlifting WODs

OlyWOD Programming Notes for July

Monday 7/27
A. Back Squat 20 minutes x(4-3-2)
B. Deadlift to thigh + Half Clean + Push Press 30m. x(2+2+2)

Tuesday 7/28
A. Muscle Snatch with high hips + Overhead Squat 10m. x(3+1)
B. Snatch from hip 20m. x3, 10m. x2, 10m. x1

Wednesday 7/29
A. Front Squat + Jerk 20m. x(2+2), 20m. x(2+1)
B. Front Squat 10m. x1

Thursday 7/30
A. Muscle Clean with high hips + Front Squat + Push Press 10m. x(3+1+3)
B. Clean with high hips 20m. x2, 20m. x1

Sunday 8/2
A. Clean Pull + Muscle Clean + Push Jerk 10m. x(3+1+1)
B. From high blocks, Clean Pull + Clean + Jerk 20m. x(2+2+1), 20m. x(2+1+1)