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CFNYC Valentine’s Day Singles WOD is tomorrow! Even though the event is full, we happily invite all interested CrossFitters to join us at Walter’s Bar after the conclusion of the event at 5:00.

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Beyond the Whiteboard: Beginner ‎/ Experienced

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Friday 160212 - Experienced

Olympic Weightlifting
4x 3 Position Snatch, floor, above the knee, from the hip

Use this as a warm up for the Snatch in “Amanda”. Your coach will take you through some Muscle up prep drills as part of the warm up.

9-7-5 reps for time of:
Snatch (135/95)
Muscle Ups

Scaled Version
9-7-5 Snatch (135/95)
18-14-10 Chest to Bar Pull ups

**Use your “Isabel” weight for this workout. You must pass through a full squat every snatch for it to count. A power snatch plus overhead squat will not count – scale accordingly.

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Friday 150212 - Competition

Note: Next week we will have a Back Off Week – plan to get extra rest before start of the Open!

Warm up
3 rounds
3 Kettlebell Windmills/each arm
5 Wall Slides
6-8 Double Kettlebell Rows (1 count pause at top of row)
10 s Freestanding Handstand Hold (or longer if possible)
ME Hold at Top of Chest to Bar Pull up

Then with light dumbbells for warm up…
30/30 Dumbbell Strict Press
Press for 30 seconds (about 10 reps)
Hold Overhead for 30 seconds
Press for 30 seconds
Hold Overhead for 30 seconds

Rest 1 minute, repeat. (Refer to 1/5)

Back Squat 5×3, increasing

Compare to 1/28.

5 rounds for time of:
400 m Run
15 Overhead Squats (115/78)

*Each set of Overhead Squats should be unbroken, if you have any issues with this weight, then do 95/65 instead.

Click here for a preview of tomorrow’s Competition class.

This Week's CrossFit Endurance WOD

CrossFit Mayhem (Bold) Test
2000 m Row for time.
Every minute complete:
“Death by Thrusters” (65/45)*

*At the 1 minute mark get off the rower and do 1 thruster. At the 2 minute mark get off the rower and complete 2 thrusters, and so on until you complete the row.

15 minute time cap.

Olympic Weightlifting WODs Week of 2/14

Sunday 2/14 (New time! 12 pm)
Clean Pull from Hip + Clean from Hip 7x(1+1)
From 12” Blocks, Clean Pull + Clean 7x(1+1)

Wednesday 2/17 and Thursday 2/18
Tall Snatch + Half Snatch from Hip + Snatch from Hip 5x(1+1+1)
Snatch from Hip + Snatch from Below Knee + Snatch 5x(1+1+1)

Black Box Barbell
Sunday 2/14
Back Squat 3×2 (100% of Clean)
Snatch 15×1 (75%) – rest 30 seconds between sets
Clean + Jerk 15x(1+1) (75%) – rest 45 seconds between sets

Monday 2/15
Behind the Neck Thruster 5×3 (50-75% of Clean)
Back Squat 2×4 (85% of Clean)
From 12” Blocks, Clean w/displaced weight 4×3 (60-75%) 5×1 (80%)
From 12” Blocks, Clean Pull 5×1 (100%)

Tuesday 2/16
Jumping Good Morning 5×3 (bar only)
Muscle Snatch + Overhead Squat + Half Snatch + Snatch 5x(1+1+1+1)
Half Snatch + Snatch 5x(1+1) (70-75%)
Snatch High Pull from Hip 5×3 (70%)

Wednesday 2/17

Back Squat w/feet together 2×3 (90% of Clean)
Clean + Jerk + Behind Neck Jerk w/displaced weights 5x(1+1+1) (50-75%)
Clean + Jerk w/displaced weights 10x(1+1) (80%) – rest 45 seconds between sets
Clean Pull 3×3 (85%)

Thursday 2/18
Snatch Grip Thruster 5×3 (50-75% of Snatch)
Back Squat 2×5 (100% of Snatch)
From 12” Blocks, Snatch 10×1 (80%) – rest 30 seconds between sets
From 12” Blocks, Snatch Pull 5×1 (100%)