Workout of the Day

This Week's Olympic Weightlifting WODs

Monday 8/24
From High Blocks, Snatch x(2-1-1) (40 minutes)

Tuesday 8/25
Jerk Rhythm (15 minutes)
Clean + Jerk x(1+1) (30 minutes)

Wednesday 8/26
Muscle Snatch + Overhead Squat x1+1 (15 minutes)
Snatch x1 (20 minutes)

Thursday 8/27
Front Squat + Jerk x(2+2) (20 minutes), x(2+1) (15 minutes)
Front Squat x1 (10 minutes)

Sunday 8/30
Mock Meet/Olympic Total

Be prepared for a 2-hour session where we will determine the maximum Snatch and Clean & Jerk for the day. This will be run as closely to an actual weightlifting competition as possible.

The final Sundays of every month we hold a mock lifting meet in OlyWODs. This is run as close to an actual weightlifting competition as possible including the same rules and lifting order. The competition starts off with the Snatch, and each member is given three attempts to establish a maximum weight. The competition barbells are loaded with the lightest attempts first and progress to the heaviest attempts. The barbell will only go up in weight.

After a brief break, we start the Clean & Jerk in the same fashion as the Snatch. The best Snatch and Clean & Jerk are added together to create the members’ “Total.” In an actual competition this determines the placement of everyone based on their weight category; in class this gives members a new personal record to add to their record books.

The goal of this control competition is to increase the Total each month, not necessarily hit personal bests on the Snatch or Clean & Jerk. To Snatch and Clean & Jerk in this environment is a whole different ball game as your warm up attempts are taken in a completely different area from your actual competition attempts. You are meant to be taken out of your comfort zone and try to perform at a high level under the scrutiny of a coach acting as referee while your peers watch. The mock meet is meant to acclimate you to lifting in this environment and coming to grips with your nerves under pressure.