Workout of the Day

Sunday-Tuesday 170219-21 - Beginner

Sunday 2/19 and Monday 2/20
Back Squat 3×5, increasing
Overhead Squats 3×5, increasing

Note: For Sunday and Monday workouts we will be working on Back Squats and Overhead Squats leading up to the CrossFit Open (last week.) Focus on going heavy for your back squats and as heavy as your mobility allows for your overhead squats. Track your weights used each week, and try to increase the weights slightly from week to week.

15-12-9 reps for time of:
Overhead Squats (95/65)
Over the Bar Burpees

Time cap: 8 minutes

Tuesday 2/21
Power Clean 6×1, increasing

Compare to 2/14/17. This is last week of power cleans, so you’ll use the first part of class to find your new 1 RM Power Clean.

15 Minute alternating EMOM:
Minute 1 – 3-5 TNG Power Cleans (135/95)
Minute 2 – 30-50 Double Unders
Minute 3 – 3-5 Chest to Bar Pull ups

The range of motion required for chest to bar pull ups are very tough for newer CrossFitters or those working towards an unassisted pull up. Your scaling should reflect a “tough” pull up. If you start your pull ups without bands today, (try to) stay out of the bands for the whole EMOM!

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Sunday-Tuesday 170219-21 - Experienced

Sunday 2/19 and Monday 2/20
Every 3 minutes, for 6 rounds:
3 No-No-No Deadlifts, increasing

No Belts.
No Mixed Grip (Try to use hook grip).
No Straps.

Start around 60% of 1RM and increase as technique allows. Compare to 2/4/17.

3 rounds for time:
250 m Row Sprint
Kettlebell Front Rack Hold (2×24/2×16)

One partner will start on the rower and one will start performing a static hold. If at any point the static hold is lost, the person rowing must pause and wait until the static hold position is regained before continuing. Alternate rowing and static hold until both partners have completed 3 full rounds.

Tuesday 2/21
Partner Conditioning
3 rounds for time of:
12 Toes to Bar
10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

-Rest while your partner works-

3 rounds for time of:
10 Handstand Push ups (Kip OK)
8 Front Squats, from the floor (135/95)

-Rest while your partner works-

3 rounds of “Chest to Bar Cindy” for time of:
5 Chest to Bar Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Squats

-Rest while your partner works-

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This Week's Specialty WODs

35 minute alternating EMOM:
Minute 1: Row for Calories
Minute 2: 2 Wall Walks
Minute 3: 6/Leg Med Ball Box Step Ups (Med Ball: 20/14 and Box: 24/20)
Minute 4: 6-10 Toes To Bar (Scaled: Hanging Knee Raises)
Minute 5: 12 Wallballs (BWOD: 20/14) (EWOD: 25/16)

Compare to 8/3/16 & 8/4/16.

Rowing Targets
Beginners: 14-17 Calories
Experienced: 17-20+ Calories

Functional Strength
4×10 Axle Deadlifts (Unbroken sets with Overhand Grip)
3×10 Front and Lateral Dumbbell Raises

Wednesday 2/22
Jerk 10×1
Jerk Dip 5×3

Sunday 2/26
Staircase Clean 7 sets

Black Box Barbell Week of 2/19

Black Box Barbell
Weekly Quota (perform on your own time before, during, after class or Open Gym):

45 Seated Jumps (MAX reps 5; MINIMUM 2 minutes rest)
80 minutes Cardio
100 Russian Swings
80 Pushup/Dips
100 Straight Arm Pulldowns
100 Abz

Sunday 2/19
Tall Clean + Jerk
3x(3+3) 20-40kg
Above Knee Clean + Jerk
3x(3+1) 60%
Clean + Jerk
1x(3+1) 70% 3x(3+1) 75%
Clean Pull
3×3 100%

Monday 2/20
18” Blocks, Snatch
1×3 60%, 1×3 65%, 2×3 70%
12” Blocks, Snatch
1×3 65%, 1×3 70%, 2×3 75%
Snatch Pull
1×3 70%
1×2 70% (1×2 75%, 1×2 80%, 1×1 85%)x3
Snatch Balance

Tuesday 2/21
Tall Clean + Jerk
3x(3+3) 20-40kg
Above Knee Clean + Jerk
3x(3+1) 60%
Deadlift to Knee + Clean + Jerk
2x(2+1+1) 70%, 1x(2+1+1) 75%, 2x(2+1+1) 80%
Deadlift + Clean Pull
1x(2+1) 90%, 1x(2+1) 100%, 3x(2+1) 110%
Behind Neck Push Press

Wednesday 2/22
Tall Snatch
3×3 20-40kg
Above Knee Hang Snatch
3×3 60%
1×3 65%, 1×3 70%, 3×3 75%, 1×2 80%, 1×1 85%
Snatch Pull from Parallette/Bench
1×3 90%, 1×3 100%, 3×3 110%

Thursday 2/23
Power Clean + Jerk
2x(3+3) 60%, 1x(2+2) 65%, 2x(1+1) 70%
Back Squat 5×5
Behind Neck Press
3×8-12 20-40kg

Sunday 2/26
Mock Meet

If you have not attended OlyWOD or Black Box Barbell classes regularly for the past several weeks, it is recommended that you do not attend this session. This will be a longer event (2 hours+) dedicated to establishing a Total (sum of best Snatch and best Clean + Jerk in 3 attempts) and treated as if it were a weightlifting competition. The Monthly Mock meets are designed to replicate the pacing and variables of an actual weightlifting competition so that members are prepared to compete in outside events. This is not an Open Gym session nor is it for the occasional attendee/drop in. All members are welcome to spectate.

If you have questions about the Mock Meet, please contact Coach Brian.