Workout of the Day

Tuesday 150707 - Experienced

Every 5 minutes for 30 minutes (6 sets):
35 Double Unders
10 TNG Power Snatch (115/73)
10 Chest to Bar Pull ups

By TNG, we mean “Touch and Go”. This is a set of power snatches at a weight you can do completely unbroken for at least the first 2-3 rounds. The purpose of this workout is to improve your conditioning.

If you are breaking up your sets, then the weight is too heavy for you. The hardest part of this workout should be the chest to bar pull ups or perhaps the intensity needed to complete each round as fast as possible.

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Tuesday 150707 - Competition

Warm up: 3 rounds
500 m row
10 Cat Camels
5 yoga push ups
Active Hamstring Stretch on Floor (3 second hold at end range, 6-8 per side)
Side Lying Windmills (6 per side with exhale at end range)

A. Back Squat: In no more than 3 sets after warming up, work up to a tough set of 6 reps.

B. 3×8-10 reps Good Mornings

Using 50% of your bodyweight is a good place to scale up or down from. At no point should you lose position – this is lighter accessory work. For our purposes, we are not aiming for maximal loading.

C. Partner WOD:

6 minute AMRAP: Strict HSPU
For reps to count, your partner must be in a handstand hold.

Rest 2 minutes

6 minute AMRAP:Toes to Bar

For reps to count, your partner must be hanging from the bar.

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This Week's Endurance WOD

4 Rounds:
40 seconds Kettlebell swings (24/16)
40 seconds Push ups
Rest 40 seconds
40 seconds Thrusters (45/33)
40 seconds Mountain Climbers
Rest 40 seconds

Rest 4 minutes

4 rounds:
40 seconds Sit ups
40 seconds Box Jumps with Step Down (24/20)
Rest 40 seconds
40 seconds Double Unders
40 seconds Burpees

Rest 40 seconds

This Week's Olympic Weightlifting WODs

Monday 7/6
A. Back Squat 3×3, 3×2
B. Clean Pull to Thigh + Clean Pull + Half Clean 7x(1+1+1)

Tuesday 7/7
A. Jerk from behind the neck + Jerk 4x(1+1)
B. Jerk with 5 second pause in receiving position 7×1

Wednesday 7/8
A. From High Blocks, Clean Pull + Clean + Front Squat 4x(1+1+1)
B. From Low Blocks, Clean Pull + Clean + Front Squat 4x(1+1+1)
C. From Floor, Clean Pull + Clean + Front Squat 4x(1+1+1)

Thursday 7/9
A. Muscle Snatch with high hips + Overhead Squat 3x(3+1)
B. Snatch with high hips 4×1
C. Snatch 5×1

Sunday 7/12
Front Squat 3×2, 3×1
Muscle Snatch + Good Morning Push Press + Overhead Squat 3×3+3+1
Snatch from Hip 5×1