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In 2013, I Should Have Done The CrossFit Open
Lauren Saxton, PhD, Team CFNYC

There were a lot of “reasons” I used to justify my non-participation. I had been doing Crossfit for 4 months, and I was pretty bad at it. Here’s a partial list of things I couldn’t do:
-1 pull-up
-more than 1 T2B
-RX push-ups
-row faster than a 2:10
-consistently put clips on a barbell correctly

I thought my lack of experience meant I shouldn’t be part of the box like the people who could do pushups. I didn’t do it, because I knew I would fail and it would be public.

One week into the Open and I realized how wrong I was. Not only was the Open for everyone, it brought everyone together in a way I hadn’t experienced, not even when we all tested Fran. It turns out that CFNYC is a pretty special place – no one has a bigger team than we do. No one else’s community is as powerful as ours at this time of year. Being a part of that is badass.

2016 will be my third Open, and the third opportunity for me to wish I’d done it in 2013. Not because I want to see how much I’ve improved, but because I know I lost the chance to be a part of something bigger than I could be on my own. We’re not gonna win the Games, but what I saw in the 2013 Open will still be true this year: no one can go as hard as us.

I love this time of year. Go sign-up.

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Sunday/Monday 160214/15 - Experienced

Russian Gymnastics Warm up plus “Goat” Work

A “Goat” is anything that you struggle with and need to work on, but perhaps haven’t worked on it in class recently. Choose one movement such as: Ring dips, HSPU, Freestanding Handstand Holds, Muscle ups, etc. possibly something you haven’t worked on in the past week. Keep in mind the total volume of that skill – focus on quality of reps rather than trying to do as many as you can during your rest interval.

Conditioning Benchmark
For time:
5 k Row

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This Week's CrossFit Endurance WOD

CrossFit Mayhem (Bold) Test
2000 m Row for time.
Every minute complete:
“Death by Thrusters” (65/45)*

*At the 1 minute mark get off the rower and do 1 thruster. At the 2 minute mark get off the rower and complete 2 thrusters, and so on until you complete the row.

15 minute time cap.

Olympic Weightlifting WODs Week of 2/14

Sunday 2/14 (New time! 12 pm)
Clean Pull from Hip + Clean from Hip 7x(1+1)
From 12” Blocks, Clean Pull + Clean 7x(1+1)

Wednesday 2/17 and Thursday 2/18
Tall Snatch + Half Snatch from Hip + Snatch from Hip 5x(1+1+1)
Snatch from Hip + Snatch from Below Knee + Snatch 5x(1+1+1)

Black Box Barbell
Sunday 2/14
Back Squat 3×2 (100% of Clean)
Snatch 15×1 (75%) – rest 30 seconds between sets
Clean + Jerk 15x(1+1) (75%) – rest 45 seconds between sets

Monday 2/15
Behind the Neck Thruster 5×3 (50-75% of Clean)
Back Squat 2×4 (85% of Clean)
From 12” Blocks, Clean w/displaced weight 4×3 (60-75%) 5×1 (80%)
From 12” Blocks, Clean Pull 5×1 (100%)

Tuesday 2/16
Jumping Good Morning 5×3 (bar only)
Muscle Snatch + Overhead Squat + Half Snatch + Snatch 5x(1+1+1+1)
Half Snatch + Snatch 5x(1+1) (70-75%)
Snatch High Pull from Hip 5×3 (70%)

Wednesday 2/17

Back Squat w/feet together 2×3 (90% of Clean)
Clean + Jerk + Behind Neck Jerk w/displaced weights 5x(1+1+1) (50-75%)
Clean + Jerk w/displaced weights 10x(1+1) (80%) – rest 45 seconds between sets
Clean Pull 3×3 (85%)

Thursday 2/18
Snatch Grip Thruster 5×3 (50-75% of Snatch)
Back Squat 2×5 (100% of Snatch)
From 12” Blocks, Snatch 10×1 (80%) – rest 30 seconds between sets
From 12” Blocks, Snatch Pull 5×1 (100%)