Workout of the Day

Sunday-Tuesday 170226-28 - Beginner

Sunday 2/26 and Monday 2/27
Back Squat 4×8, increasing

Work up to a moderately heavy set of of 8 back squats. The goal is to increase reps every set over the next 4 weeks (on Sundays and Mondays). Some people will increase their weights as well each week, but the primary goal of this mini-squat cycle is to build volume. You will find a 20 rep max on 3/26/17 & 3/27/17.

Every 3 Minutes, 6 Rounds of:
12/9 Calorie Row
12 Med Ball Cluster (20/14)
12 Sit ups

Rest the remainder of the interval.

Tuesday 2/28
Romanian Deadlifts 4×8, increasing

Partner Conditioning
16 Minute AMRAP:
100’ Shuttle run
30 Double unders
100’ Shuttle run
30 second Overhead Static Hold (95/65)

Only one partner working at a time. Each partner must complete one full round before switching.

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Sunday-Tuesday 170226-28 - Experienced

Sunday 2/26 and Monday 2/27
Back Squat 3×1, increasing

Paused Front Squat 4×3, from the floor, increasing
Tempo: 23×1

How do you read tempo notation?
2 = 2 seconds to lower
3 = 3 seconds in the bottom of your squat
X = stand up from the bottom as quickly as possible (avoid “bouncing” out of your squat)
1 = 1 second pause at the top/start

We are going to be back squatting each week through the Open, but depending on the Open workout, these may be lighter than normal. Paused Front Squats will be included as an opportunity to challenge yourself with tempo and positioning rather than only loading.

10 minute EMOM:
Odd minutes: 6-8 Squat Cleans (135/95)
Even minutes: 8-10 Toes to Bar

Tuesday 2/28
Pistol Progressions

30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest, for 6 rounds (24 minutes)
Double Unders
Power Snatches (115/85)
Russian Kettlebell Swings (32/24)
Alternating Pistols

For the power snatches, choose a weight you can touch and go from the floor. For pistols to count (RX), your opposite leg/foot cannot touch the ground and your foot must be in front of your squatting leg.

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This Week's Specialty WODs

From 0-10:00 minutes, complete:
21-18-15-12-9 reps for time of:
Push Ups
Box Step Ups (24/20)

From 10:00-20:00 minutes, complete:
Row for Max Calories

From 20:00-30:00 minutes, complete:
21-18-15-12-9 reps for time of:
American Kettlebell Swings (24/16)
Tuck Ups

Functional Strength 
Skill Day: Sandbag Turkish Get Ups
Accessory: 3×10 Front/Lateral DB Raises
3×10 DB Overhead Tricep Extensions

Wednesday 3/1
5×1 – 30 seconds between sets
5×1 – 30 seconds between sets
5×1 – 30 seconds between sets
5×1 – 30 seconds between sets

Sunday 3/5
Jerk Dip + Jerk

Black Box Barbell Week of 2/26

Weekly Quota:
45 Seated Jumps (MAX reps 5; MINIMUM 2 minutes rest)
70 minutes Cardio
100 Back Extension
80 HSPU or accumulate 6 minute HS Hold
80 Pullups/Ring Rows
100 Abz

Sunday 2/26
Mock Meet
If you have not attended OlyWOD or Black Box Barbell classes regularly for the past several weeks, it is recommended that you do not attend this session. This will be a longer event (2 hours+) dedicated to establishing a Total (sum of best Snatch and best Clean + Jerk in 3 attempts) and treated as if it were a weightlifting competition. The Monthly Mock meets are designed to replicate the pacing and variables of an actual weightlifting competition so that members are prepared to compete in outside events. This is not an Open Gym session nor is it for the occasional attendee/drop in. All members are welcome to spectate.

It is important to sign up beforehand to reserve a spot. If you have questions about the Mock Meet, please contact Coach Brian.

Monday 2/27
18” Blocks, Clean + Jerk
2x(2+1) 60%, 1x(2+1) 65%, 2x(2+1) 70%
12” Blocks, Clean + Jerk
2x(2+1) 65%, 1x(2+1) 70%, 2x(2+1) 75%
Clean Pull
1×3 70%
Clean + Jerk
1x(1+1) 70%, 1x(1+1) 75%, 3x(1+1) 80%

Tuesday 2/28
Tall Snatch
3×3 20-40kg
Above Knee Hang Snatch
3×3 60%
1×3 65%, 1×3 70%, 1×3 75% …
Snatch Hold at Knee
3×15 seconds 95%
Snatch Balance

Wednesday 3/1
Barbell Row + Muscle Clean + Squat + Jerk
Deadlift to Knee + Power Clean + Jerk
1x(2+1+1) 60%, 1x(2+1+1) 65%, 3x(2+1+1) 70%
Clean Pull from Parallette/Bench
1×3 90%, 1×3 100%, 3×3 110%

Thursday 3/2
Muscle Snatch + Overhead Squat (3sec pause in squat)
3x(3+1) 25-45kg
Power Snatch + Overhead Squat (3sec pause in squat)
2x(2+1) 60%, 1x(2+1) 65%, 2x(2+1) 70%
Back Squat
Behind Neck Press
3×8-12 20-40kg