Workout of the Day

Thursday 150129 - Experienced

A. 10 minute EMOM: 2 Deadlifts (increase weight as you go)
B. CrossFit Baseline (This is your Whole30 WOD repeat Compare part A to 150104 or 150105)
500 m Row
40 Air Squats
30 Sit Ups
20 Push Ups
10 Pull ups

Note: Please let your instructor know if you are doing the Whole30 Challenge. For retesting, perform the baseline before you do the deadlifts.

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Thursday 150129 - Competition

Warm up: Snatch Drills then Snatch Balance 5×1 (use as warm up)

Hold bottom position for 3 counts.

Part A. 20 Minute EMOM: Snatch

Part B. Team Relay!

2014 CrossFit Regionals – Event 8

First team to have every member complete this workout wins.
Complete as a relay for time:
49 Pull ups
7 Overhead Squats (185/113)

No time cap, but keep in mind it was originally 16 minutes for teams of 6.

Part C. With your team perform for total max calories:
30 Seconds ALL OUT sprint Air Dyne
Rest 90 Seconds
30 Seconds ALL OUT sprint Air Dyne
Rest 90 Seconds
1 minute ALL OUT sprint Air Dyne

This week's Endurance WOD

The Endurance WOD for this week’s classes (January 28, 29, 30):

Team 10 k row for time. 3 people per team – switch minimum every 250 meters, but no more than 1000 meters at a time.