Workout of the Day

Tuesday 141021 - Beginner

A. Work up to a heavy five reps of Front Squat in 20 minutes.
B. Partner WOD, partition as desired:
40 Pull ups, “Rest” – hang from the bar
60 Push ups, “Rest” – plank hold
80 Goblet Squats (24/16), “Rest” – bottom of a squat
60 Push ups, “Rest” – plank hold
40 Pull ups, “Rest” – hang from the bar

One partner performs repetitions while the other partner “rests”. No repetitions will be counted unless the partner is “resting”

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Tuesday 141021 - Competition

Jumping Warm up (E)

A. 3-4 sets: 3-4 weighted pull ups, rest 2 minutes

B. Paused Snatch with 5 count Pause in the Bottom – work up to 85% or more of 1 RM.

C. Snatch x 3-5 singles at heaviest weight of C that you were able to make with perfect technique.

D. 3×3 Snatch Pulls (100% 1 RM)

F. Back Squats (80% max, across)
Men: 4×3
Women: 6×3