Workout of the Day

Tuesday 150331 - Competition

Part A. Back Squat Warm up
8 reps (40%)
7 reps (50%)
6 reps (60%)
5 reps (70%)

Rest only the time it takes to change the weights.

Part B. EMOM 8 minutes Back Squat x 1
First 4 minutes: 80-85%
Second 4 minutes: 85-90%

C. 3-5 Handstand Complexes of:
20 foot Handstand walk to a wall + 4 strict HSPU against the wall + 8 Kipping HSPU against the wall

This is the most advanced variation.  You can scale this down (break up movements) as needed – you’ll just need to be creative. You can even do this partner assisted.

One way to scale: start with shoulder taps+strict HSPU+Kipping HSPU. For example:
3 shoulder taps each arm+1 strict HSPU+3 kipping HSPU

The goal is to play around with the complex and see what you are capable of….

D. Teams of 2 complete 15 minute AMRAP:
4 1-arm Dumbbell Snatches (100/70)
15/12 Calorie Row

One teammate completes a full round before switching.

This week's Endurance WOD

This week’s Endurance WOD for April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd:

During class you will complete as many 500 m rows as possible with 1:2 work to rest.