Why does Sunday/Monday repeat CrossFit workouts?

You should note that the workout repeats on both Sunday and Monday each week. This happens for all programming tracks (Beginner and Experienced). The only exception is for the Competition programming which has programmed Rest Days.

You are encouraged to take at least two Rest Days per week. We repeat the WOD on Sunday and Monday because they are considered a “Peak” workout. This is a workout that we think is important to your program (i.e. Back Squats) that you should not miss them.

If your schedule is such that you plan to work out both days when there is a repeating WOD, you should thing about attending another type of specialty class on one of those days (i.e. Open Gym, OlyWOD, Barbell Club). This is a better choice than doing both Beginner and Experienced WODs two days in a row.

Each programming track is designed with specific progressions and goals for each cycle. If you jump back and forth, you will not see the same improvements compared to those who stick with one track. You also put yourself at a higher risk for an overuse injury by doing similar movements too often (like pull ups or going overhead).

For more details about our class schedule and programming, please review our most current schedule update for 2017.