What Programming tracks are offered at CFNYC?

At CrossFit NYC, every new member starts with the Beginner Programming track after graduating from Fundamentals, unless they have significant experience at another CrossFit affiliate.  The Beginner programming is designed for members in their first 1-2 years of CrossFit. Workouts will emphasize learning the initial progressions for more advanced skills in all areas of CrossFit (Olympic lifting, gymnastics, etc.) Some members prefer the Beginner workouts regardless of their skill level. Our coaches are able to make any CrossFit workout challenging!

The Experienced Programming track is intended for members with CrossFit experience. These members should be familiar with all of the major CrossFit movements and be able to scale movements to their ability during a workout. There is less instruction on the basics and more opportunity for nuanced instruction during class. If you are not sure which programming track you should be following, you should talk to a coach who can assess your readiness to join the Experienced WODs.

Please note that the two tracks are not in sync, and you will not be following a planned program (e.g., it is entirely likely that you will get similar exercises multiple times per week and/or miss other movements) if you decide to mix and match between the two programming tracks. We would recommend that even the most advanced athlete who needed to take two Beginner classes  per week (for scheduling reasons) stick with all Beginner classes rather than switch back and forth.

If you are interested in the Competition Programming, you will need to take a short Assessment test with Coach Bobby before admission to the class. You should be performing most movements RX’D and have a serious interest in competing at the local or regional level.  Please email Coach Bobby if you are interested in joining.