Workout of the Day

Saturday 160409 – Beginner

Strength Deadlift 5×5, increasing The focus today is improving your touch-n-go technique. This might mean going lighter than usual. Touch-n-go means that your movement pattern is controlled and fluid, while maintaining position and tension throughout the reps, not necessarily lifting… Read more »

Saturday 160409 – Competition

Skill Work 3 sets, work on efficiency and technique: 500 m Row 3-10 Unbroken Ring Muscle Ups Rest as needed between sets. Strength Push Press 4×3 (70%) Partner Conditioning Time cap: 6 minutes For time: Partner A: 5-4-3-2-1 Thruster (135/95)… Read more »

Saturday 160409 – Experienced

Strength Overhead Squats 4×3; increasing (Tempo: 33X1) Emphasis today is on position and stability. A tempo will be used to encourage both of these aspects in the Overhead Squat. Click HERE to read CFNYC OG Coach Jason’s article on rep… Read more »

Friday 160408 – All Levels/Beginner

Classic CrossFit WOD “The Chief” 5 Rounds of 3 Minute AMRAP: 3 Power Cleans 6 Push ups 9 Squats Rest 3 minutes Coach Bobby/Catherine – 185/155 Competition – 155/115 Experienced – 135/95 Beginner – 95/65

Thursday 160407 – Competition

Warm up 1 k Row, easy effort Every 250 m, get off and perform: 1 TGU each arm 6-8 Wall Slides Quadruped Rotations, 5/side Olympic Lifting Muscle Snatch, from the floor 4×5, across Hang Snatch 8×2, increasing Conditioning 3 sets:… Read more »