Workout of the Day

Thursday 161110 – Competition

Warm up Medball Toss, etc. w/Avery Strength Push Press 5×1+ reps (100% of Training Max, find training max = 90% of 1 RM) Note: On your last set go for max repetitions. One Arm Dumbbell Z Press 3×10-12/arm, light weight… Read more »

Wednesday/Thursday 161109/10 – Beginner

Strength Bent Over Barbell Row 4×8, increasing Alternating with 10-25 second Chin Over the Bar Hold (Pronated Grip) Compare to 11/02/16 and 11/03/16. Conditioning 21-15-9 reps for time of: Row for Calories Single Arm Kettlebell Swing, Left arm (24/16) Single… Read more »

Tuesday 161108 – Beginner

Strength In 20 Minutes, find a 3 RM Push Press, from the floor. Conditioning Death by Pull Ups (15 minute time cap) Every minute you you perform ascending reps of pull ups until you cannot complete the total reps for… Read more »

Tuesday 161108 – Competition

Warm up (Vote before you get to class…) 3 rounds of: 10 Kettlebell Halos+10 RTW with Kettlebell 10 Windmills (5/arm) 10 Kettlebell Good Mornings, deep stretch 50 ft Bear Crawl, bent arms and knees, focus on maintaining a flat back… Read more »

Tuesday 161108 – Experienced

Warm up 3 rounds: 1-3 Skin the Cats 20-30 second Headstand Hold 1 minute Pike Stretch Gymnastic Skill Skill work for Kipping Handstand Push up Conditioning Every 2 minutes, for 10 rounds (20 minutes): 3 Power Cleans (70% of 1RM… Read more »