Workout of the Day

Saturday 161001 – Beginner

Strength Hang Power Cleans 6×3, increasing Conditioning Death by Push Ups (15 minute time cap) Every minute you you perform ascending reps of push ups until you cannot complete the total reps for the round in each minute. Rounds do… Read more »

Saturday 161001 – Competition

Warm up Your choice. Strength Overhead Barbell Walking Lunge (135-145/95-105) 3×8/leg, rest as needed between sets Conditioning For time: 100 m Row 3 Ring Muscle ups 200 m Row 3 Ring Muscle ups 300 m Row 3 Ring Muscle ups… Read more »

Friday 160930 – All Levels/Beginner

Olympic Lifting 30 Minute EMOM: Minute 1: Power Snatch + Overhead Squat Minute 2: Snatch Minute 3: Power Snatch + Overhead Squat Minute 4: Snatch … You may increase weight every 4th minute.

Wednesday/Thursday 160928/29 – Beginner

Strength Deadlift 6×4, increasing This is the second out of five weeks for deadlifts. Sets will increase, as reps per set decrease. Conditioning 10 Minute AMRAP: 100 ft Bear Crawl 5-10 Toes to Bar 100 ft Broad Jump