Workout of the Day

Friday 141010 – Endurance

2 rounds: 150 Double Unders for time Rest 3 Minutes then…. 1 attempt at a Max Effort set of continuous Wall balls (20/14) The wall ball set terminates when you drop the ball. Rest 3 Minutes NOTE: Next Endurance classes… Read more »

Thursday 141009 – Beginner

A. Work up to a heavy 4 reps of Deadlift B. 9 Minute Ascending Ladder of 2,4,6,8,…for reps of: Deadlift (60-70% of 1 RM or 85% of today’s load) Kettlebell Goblet Hold Lunges

Wednesday 141008 – Beginner

A. Technique: Clusters (AKA Squat clean thrusters from front and back) B. 20 minute “AMBEAR” (95/63) Perform as many rounds of the Bear Complex as possible. Compare to 6/11/14. If you completed over 30 rounds of the complex, scale up… Read more »