Workout of the Day

Wednesday 150415 – Beginner

A. Back Squat 10×2 – Build up to the heaviest set of 2 reps in 10 sets B. Accessory: Overhead Squat Mobility 8 minute EMOM: Even minutes – 6-8 Wall Facing Squats Odd Minutes – 6-8 Close Grip Overhead Squats

Monday 150413 – Beginner

Team WOD (4 people) Complete for time: 500 Squats Non Working Partners hold the bottom of a squat. 400 Sit ups Non Working Partners Sit at the top of their sit up. 300 Burpees Non Working Partners hold a Plank…. Read more »

Monday 150413 – Competition

A. 6 minute EMOM: Snatch Grip Push Press+Snatch Balance+Paused Overhead Squat Three counts in the bottom of the Overhead Squat. B. Snatch Work from Blocks at the Knee 5-7 sets of 1 Snatch High Pulls+2 Power Snatches C. Handstand Work 3-5… Read more »