Workout of the Day

Friday 150116 – Competition

Warm up: DIY A. 6 minute Alternating EMOM: First minute – Muscle Ups x 1-5 (Unbroken, if easy, then work on strict unbroken maintaining false grip) Second minute – Max Distance Handstand Walk B. Segmented Snatch Grip Deadlift 4,3,3,2,2,1 C. 10 minute… Read more »

Thursday 150115 – Competition

Warm up: “10-10-10″ Snatch with Empty Bar Muscle Snatch from the Hip Power Snatch from Above the Knee Full Snatch from Below the Knee 3-4 sets of: Muscle Snatch+Overhead Squat 3-4 sets of: Power Snatch+ Overhead Squat You may add… Read more »

Thursday 150115 – Experienced

A. 5-10-15-20 reps of Back Squat (70% 1 RM) Rest 2-3 minute between sets. Each set of squats should be performed unbroken. B. 9 Rounds for time of: 7 Hang Power Cleans (115/73) 14 Wall Ball (20/14) 21 Double Unders

Thursday 150115 – Beginner

Russian Gymnastics Warm up A. “Death by Pull ups” With a continuously running clock do one pull up the first minute, two pull ups the second minute, three pull ups the third minute… continuing as long as you are able…. Read more »

Wednesday 150114 – Beginner

A. 3 Position Hang Power Clean (High Hang, Above the Knee, and Below the Knee) B. Partner WOD: Complete 100 Hang Power Cleans for time (95/63) Partition as desired.