Workout of the Day

Saturday 150620 – Experienced

30 seconds work/30 seconds rest for 7 sets of: 1. Bench Press for Max Reps (225/185/135/95/65) 2. Rest (Spot Bench) 3. Russian Kettlebell Swing (AHAP) 4. Handstand Hold (Advanced: Wall Facing) 6. Bar Hang (Advanced: L-Hang) 7. Rest (Spot Bench)

Friday 150619 – Beginner

6 rounds with a Partner Partner 1: 1000/750 m Row Partner 2: AMRAP 7 Push Ups 9 Tuck Ups 12 Lateral Box Step Up and Overs (24/20) Note: Each person completes 3 total rounds. Partners switch when rower has completed… Read more »

Thursday 150618 – Beginner

30 Minute AMRAP: Partner Bear Complex (95/65) Alternate with a partner when you want, but only after completion of a full round. Score is total number of rounds completed. One round of the Bear is: clean+front squat+shoulder to overhead+lower to… Read more »