Workout of the Day

Thursday 170316 – Beginner

Strength Strict Press 5×5, increasing Superset with: 5 Hang Muscle Cleans + 5 Push Jerks + 5 Clean Grip Overhead Squats We will are focusing on Strict Press and Push Jerk for the next 2 weeks. Track weights used from… Read more »

Thursday 170316 – Experienced

Strength Power Clean + Hang Power Clean, from the hip 5x(1+2), increasing Use strength to warm up power cleans for the conditioning piece. Conditioning Every 2 minutes, for 5 rounds complete: 4 Hang Power Cleans, from the hip (up to… Read more »

Wednesday 170315 – Competition

Barbell Club Class plus Optional Conditioning Warm up 3 rounds of: Bear Crawl Forward (30 seconds) Bear Crawl Backward (30 seconds) Kettlebell Halos (5 Right, 5 Left) 3 rounds of: 10 Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunges 10 Dumbbell Thrusters (light) 1… Read more »

Tuesday 170314 – Experienced

Strength Push Press 5×3, across Use up to 80% of 1RM. With lighter loads, focus on a strong, controlled lockout overhead between every rep. Partner Conditioning 3 Rounds (each) for time: 250/200 m Row (sprint) 10 Push Press (135/93) Alternate… Read more »

Tuesday 170314 – Beginner

Strength Romanian Deadlifts 4×8, increasing Compare to 3/7/17. Conditioning 3 Rounds of 3 minute AMRAP: 20 Hand to Hand Kettlebell Swings (24/16) 30 Double Unders Rest 3 Minutes The goal is that the score of your third round is the… Read more »

Tuesday 170314 – Competition

Warm up For time: 140/110 Assault Bike Calories Strength A. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats w/Dumbbells, 4×6-8/leg Tempo – 3011, rest as needed between sets, tough weights Compare to 2/27/17. B1. L-Seated Dumbbell Press 3×6-8, increasing B2. 3×10-15 Kipping Handstand… Read more »

This Week’s Specialty WODs

CFE Partner WOD For time, with your partner: 500 Calorie Row (partition calories as desired) If you are not rowing, complete the chipper in order (both people are working at the same time): 100 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20) 500… Read more »