Workout of the Day

Thursday 160616 – Competition

Warm up 2 rounds of: Bear Crawl Forward (2 lengths) Bear Crawl Backward (2 lengths) Monkey Crawl Rt (1 length) Monkey Crawl Lt (1 length) Frogger (1 length) + 3 rounds: 6-8 Jumping Good Mornings (empty barbell) Bottoms Up Overhead… Read more »

Tuesday 160614 – Beginner

Strength In 15 minutes, complete 5 rounds of: Strict Press + Push Press (3+3) This complex has one more strict press than last week’s complex did. Athletes should try to perform the same weights as last week or slightly more,… Read more »

Monday 160613 – Competition

Warm up 2 k Row + 4-6 sets Freestanding Handstand Holds for Max Time. Alternate each set of handstand hold with a Static Chest to Bar Hold for max time. Rest as needed. Technique Split Press+Jerk Dip+Split Jerk 3x(3+2+1), increasing… Read more »