Workout of the Day

Friday 150123 – Beginner

A. Technique: Cycling Hang Power Cleans B. Partition Reps with a partner as desired with an Empty Bar…. 100 Thrusters 80 Hang Power Clean 60 Strict Press 40 Lunges with Barbell (Back Rack) 20 Front Squat *EMOM (Partners alternate minutes)… Read more »

Thursday 150122 – Beginner

A. 5-10-15-20 reps of Back Squat (~70% 1 RM) Rest as needed between sets. Each set of squats should be performed unbroken. B. Tabata “Abzzzz” Dead Bugs Superman Hold Side Plank (Left) Side Plank (Right) 2 times through for 8… Read more »

Tuesday 150120 – Competition

Warm up: 1 mile run, warm up all the movements and any other mobility work you need to do beforehand. Conditioning Intervals 60 seconds on/45 seconds off, 4 rounds: 1) Row for Calories 2) Russian Swings (heavy, double swings work… Read more »

Tuesday 150120 – Beginner

Interval Stations (30 seconds on/30 seconds off) 1. Burpees to a Plate 2. Plate Ground to Overhead 3. Double Unders 4. Wall Balls (20/14) 5. Row for Calories 35 minutes, 7 rounds