Workout of the Day

Tuesday 150929 – Competition

Kettlebell Warm up 3 rounds: 10 Halos (light weight, 5 each direction) 5/side Bottoms Up Press 5/side Windmills 10 Goblet Squats 3 rounds: 10+10 Single Arm Swing 14 Hand to Hand Switch 10+10 Single Arm Swing + Snatch 10+10 Snatch… Read more »

Monday 150928 – Competition

Warm up: Run 1 mile, then DIY. A. Press 5×5 B. 5-4-3-2-1 reps for time of: Front Squat (205/145) Shoulder to Overhead (205/145) C. Accumulate 2 minutes of Ring Support Hold – Break up as needed. Accumulate 80 GHD Hip Extensions –… Read more »

Sunday/Monday 150927/28 – Beginner

Testing Week! A. Find 3 RM Power Clean B. ME Double Unders in 2 minutes. This will be your final testing workout for the next Beginner programming cycle. Not sure what this means? Read HERE.

Sunday 150927 – Competition

Warm up for Part A as needed. A. With a running clock, every minute perform 1 lift and add 20/10 pounds.  Start with an empty barbell and perform one snatch for as long as possible. Once you cannot snatch the… Read more »

Saturday 150926 – Beginner

A. Warm up: Empty Bar Tall Snatch B. Skill: Power Snatch from the Hip C. 16 minute Alternating EMOM: Odd minutes – 3-5 Power Snatches from the hip Even minutes – 5-10 Diamond Push ups