Workout of the Day

Saturday 160716 – Competition

Warm up 145/115 Calories on Assault Bike Finish this in 10 minutes or less. Your goal is to work towards finishing 150/120 cals in 10 minutes as part of your warm up. Strength 3×8-10/leg Front Rack Barbell Walking Lunges, increasing… Read more »

Saturday 160716 – Experienced

Gymnastics Skill Work 5 Rounds of: :20 work/:40 rest Freestanding Headstand hold (near a wall) goal is to focus on maintaining a hollow body and develop a better understanding of subtle corrections while inverted. Then: 3 minutes to find: Max… Read more »

Thursday 160714 – Competition

Warm up DIY Skill Work 3 sets, work on efficiency and technique: 500 m Row (26-28 spm) 30 Unbroken Russian Kettlebell Swings (32/24) 3-7 Unbroken Bar Muscle Ups Rest as needed between sets. Strength 10 minute EMOM: 1 Power Clean… Read more »