Workout of the Day

Saturday 160130 – Beginner

Technique 3 Position Power Clean 7x (1+1+1) 1. From the Hip 2. From the Below the Knee 3. From the Floor Conditioning 10 minute EMOM: Power Clean, from the hip+Paused Power Clean, 3 counts pause at Below the Knee (2+1)

Saturday 160130 – Experienced

Gymnastics Conditioning CrossFit Mainsite WOD Complete as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes of: 5 Handstand Push ups 10 L Pull ups 15 Steps, Walking Lunge Post rounds completed to comments.

Friday 160129 – Beginner

Skill Handstand Push ups Accumulate 20-25 tough HSPU reps (or progressions) in 10 minutes. Choose from: HSPU with limited ROM (i.e. 1-2 ab mats at most) HSPU attempts then HSPU Slow Negatives (3-5 counts to lower) Pike HSPU Box HSPU… Read more »

Thursday 150128 – Competition

Note: If you are planning to compete in the BTB Competition this weekend, think about taking an extra rest day or doing an OlyWOD focusing on techique (sub-max weights only). Definitely skip additional HSPU work. Conditioning WHOLE 30 CHALLENGE WOD… Read more »