Workout of the Day

Thursday 140925 – Competition

Warm up A – 25 minutes to complete (Note: At some point in today’s workout complete 5 Minutes of 30 Sec on/30 Sec off Assault Bike Sprints) Part A. Front Squat: 8-7-6-5-4-3-2 reps Take the bar from the floor. Every set will be… Read more »

Wednesday 140924 – Beginner

A. Snatch 7×1 B. 4 Rounds for time: 3 Power Snatches (115/73) 10 Burpees UWS Park WOD (PM classes ONLY) For time: From 67th Street run to 81st Street. At every intersection perform 10 Air Squats, starting with 10 reps… Read more »

Tuesday 140923 – Competition

Warm up B A1. Romanian Deadlifts 4×6-8 reps (31×1 tempo) A2. Bulgarian Split Squat 4×8 reps (each leg)  Part B. 20 minute EMOM: Odd Minutes: Bench Press, Men – 3 reps, Women – 5 reps Even Minutes: Weighted Strict Pull… Read more »