Workout of the Day

Thursday 160721 – Competition

Warm up 3 rounds: 2:30 minute Assault Bike 1 TGU each arm, increasing 10 attempts at Triple Unders (or 10 Triple Unders) Any additional mobility/warm up prep – your choice. Strength 5×5 Overhead Squats, increasing (from the racks) Conditioning 3… Read more »

Tuesday 160719 – Experienced

Strength Push Press 5×3, across Use 70-80% of 1RM or heavy single from 7/12/16. With the lighter load, focus on a strong, controlled lockout overhead between each rep. Partner Conditioning 3 Rounds (each) for time: 250/200 m Row (sprint) 10… Read more »

Tuesday 160719 – Beginner

Strength In 15 minutes, Strict Press + Push Press 5x(4+4), from the floor Note: This is the same rep scheme as last week. If you did not fail any reps last week add 2.5-5 pounds. Don’t make yourself crazy! We… Read more »

Tuesday 160719 – Competition

Warm up Your choice. Technique Split Press+Jerk Dip+Split Jerk 3x(3+2+1), increasing then… BTN Push Jerk+BTN Jerk 3x(1+1), increasing Strength Every 2 minutes, for 10 minutes: 1 Push Press+ 3 Split Jerks Start at 65-70% of your 1 RM Push Press… Read more »