Workout of the Day

This Week’s Endurance WOD

2 rounds for total reps: 90 seconds Wall Balls (20/14) 30 seconds Rest 90 seconds Box Jumps with Step Down (24/20) 30 seconds Rest 90 seconds AbMat Sit ups 30 seconds Rest 90 seconds Double Unders 30 seconds Rest 90… Read more »

Monday 150831 – Competition

Upcoming Schedule Change for Labor Day Weekend: There will only be one session on Friday at 5:30 PM for class and Sunday Class is cancelled. Please pre-register for classes accordingly. Warm up: 1000 m Row at 14-16 spm A. Paused… Read more »

Sunday 150830 – Competition

Warm up: Your choice A. 3 Position Snatch 5x(1+1+1) – 60%,65%,70%x3 Work from Floor, to knee, to hip. Focus only on speed and positions today. B. “Nate” 20 minute AMRAP: 2 Muscle Ups 4 Strict Handstand Push ups 8 Kettlebell… Read more »

Saturday 150829 – Beginner

A. Weighted Parallette Push-ups 5×8-10 – Rest as needed between sets. Scaling options: I. Elevated (bar or box) Push-ups II. Regular Push-ups III. Diamond Push-ups IV. Parallette Push-ups V. Weighted Parallette Push-ups B. For time: 400 m Walking Lunges

Friday 150828 – Experienced

A. Gymnastic Skill Practice: Freestanding Handstands or Handstand Walks B. Skill Review: Kettlebell Clean C. “Tailpipe” 3 Rounds with a Partner of: P1: 250 m Row (each person rows 750 m total) P2: Hold 2 x Kettlebells (2x24kg/2×16 kg) *Partner… Read more »