Workout of the Day

Friday 140718 – Experienced

8 Minute AMRAP3-6-9-… Handstand Pushup Toes-2-Bar Rest 2 minutes 8 Minute AMRAP3-6-9-… Pullup Jumping Good Morning Rest 2 minutes 8 Minute AMRAP3-6-9… Parallette or Ring Push up Double Unders

Friday 140718 – Beginner

Squat Clean 1 RM 2 Minute AMRAP Double Unders the complete for time: 30 Squat Cleans (up to 80% of 1 RM) Complete number of Double Unders completed in part B after the squat cleans are completed. Ex) If you… Read more »

Wednesday 140716

All-levels/Beginner: A. Deadlift 7×1 B. 10 Min AMRAP: 2,4,6,8,… Lateral Over the Bar Burpees Deadlifts (up 65% of max today or deadlift weight you used 7/10/14) Experienced: A. Deadlift 5×3 B. For time: 25 Burpees then 3 Rounds: 15 Ring… Read more »

Tuesday 140715

All-levels/Beginner: A. Skill: Handstands B. 3 rounds for time of: 30 Sit ups 30 America Kettlebell Swings (24/16 kg) 30 Tuck Jumps 30 Goblet Reverse Lunges (24/16 kg) Rest 3 minutes Experienced: A1. Bench Press 5×5 @ 75-80% of 1RM… Read more »

Monday 140714

All-levels/Beginner: A. Back Squat 5×5 (80%+5# of 5RM, 7th Exposure). B. EMOM 12 Minutes, 3-5 Strict Pull ups (Scale: 1-2 Negatives with static hold above the bar.) Experienced: A. Back Squat 5×5 (7th Exposure) B. AMRAP Back Squat (20X0 tempo… Read more »

Sunday 140713

Park WOD: Announced upon arrival in the park! Details about Park WOD here. All-levels/Beginner: “Brenton” Five rounds for time of: Bear crawl 100 feet Standing broad-jump, 100 feet Do three Burpees after every five broad-jumps. If you’ve got a twenty… Read more »

Saturday 140712

All levels: Open Test #2: “Fran” 21-15-9 reps for time of: Thrusters (95/65) Pull ups “Fran” is a classic benchmark WOD, perhaps the most infamous of all the “Girl” WODs. In class, coaches will review scaling and the difference between… Read more »

Friday 140711

All-levels/Beginner: Team Chipper: 30 cal row 30 (each leg) walking lunges 30 Russian kettlebell swings (32/24 kg) 30 wall balls (20/14) 30 shoot thrus on parallettes 30 jump squats 30 hang power cleans (95/65) 30 plank ups 30 V-Ups This… Read more »