Workout of the Day

Sunday-Tuesday 170219-21 – Beginner

Sunday 2/19 and Monday 2/20 Strength Back Squat 3×5, increasing then…. Overhead Squats 3×5, increasing Note: For Sunday and Monday workouts we will be working on Back Squats and Overhead Squats leading up to the CrossFit Open (last week.) Focus… Read more »

Saturday 170218 – Competition

Warm up Assault Bike with a Partner, partition cals as desired: 400 cals for Men/300 cals for Women Strength Overhead Walking Lunges 4×8 steps, increasing Perform a max set of Strict HSPU, after each set of lunges. Compare to 1/28/17…. Read more »

Thursday-Saturday 170216-18 – Beginner

Thursday 2/16 Strength Push Press 5×3, across Compare to 2/9/17. Start 2.5-5# heavier, if possible. Partner Conditioning 10 Rounds (total) for time: 10 Left Arm Kettlebell Swings (24/16) 10 Right Arm Kettlebell Swings (24/16) 10 (per leg) Reverse Lunge with… Read more »